Restaurant Marketing Agency

About us

We use compelling marketing strategies to drive up your restaurant sales

Whether you are a fine dining restaurant or a local eatery in the suburbs, we are a results-driven restaurant marketing agency that can help drive up your sales. Our team of knowledgeable marketing professionals will draw up an intelligent strategy and execute business-driven branding that will win over diners and keep them coming back for more. 

From your food to ambiance to theme, we market each and every aspect of your restaurant for a positive customer experience. At National Today, we believe in creating competitor-proof relationships with your target audiences and create marketing strategies that reflect your brand’s personality at every touchpoint as well as turning customers and staff into ambassadors for your brand. We love celebrating each day of the year and curate catchy and compelling content and brand marketing strategies that help businesses to market their products or campaigns around a specific holiday.

Our approach

We use data to search for trends relevant to your menu offerings

We are specialists in restaurant marketing and use online and offline marketing strategies to help your business establish a positive brand identity. We use the power of social media to design a creative vision and ensure that your restaurant receives maximum real-time traction as well as attracts new diners. 

We use data insights to search for trends that are relevant to your menu offerings and capitalize on them with timely marketing campaigns. We use SEO, videos, web traffic, social engagement and analytics to understand your target market. At National Today, we have a team of marketers and media experts do a thorough analysis of your brand and devise ways to reengineer your menu every few months for generating interest and including dishes that will entice customers to visit your restaurant.

How we work

We deliver your brand’s message to the right platforms 

Restaurant marketing does not happen in a vacuum and depends a lot on competition, customers, history, industry trends and any other outside factors that affect your business directly or indirectly. With digital media, the landscape of restaurant marketing has transformed. Our team dives deep into the market to analyze your position and devise strategies that reflect your brand’s persona and message. 

We become your brand voice and look for platforms and avenues to market your restaurant for gaining new diners as well as retaining existing patrons. We use various marketing techniques such as behavioral, traditional, local, affiliate, celebrity, or influencer to help your restaurant receive real-time traction. At National Today, we carefully handpick a team of marketing bigwigs that echo the buzz for your restaurant and help you get some offline as well as online media coverage.

What makes us different?

  • We tell your story

    Your brand is your reputation and we curate content that echoes your brand’s sentiments and create a positive identity.
  • We use influencers

    We believe that word of mouth is the strongest form of marketing and use credible influencers to endorse your brand and spread the word to a broader audience.
  • We use calls to action

    For maximum engagement and lead generation, we use calls to action to entice customers to visit your restaurant.
  • We use data analytics

    We use data analytics to monitor and map your target audience, their likes and dislikes, interests, and pain points, and design campaigns that rely heavily on achieving growth.

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