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About us

We love our pets and so does the internet. But marketing to pet parents requires more than just posting a few cute cat videos. We are a data-driven pet marketing agency that uses our extensive data capabilities to boost your brand’s platform and get your message out to pet parents around the globe. Our research provides a top-to-bottom analysis of your competitors, customers, opportunities, and consumer behaviors and the expertise to execute on those insights. 
We are a full-service marketing agency with strategists, producers, and content creators on board to help your pet brand stand out in an incredibly competitive field. We value creating unique and ownable moments that provide the hooks on which our marketing campaigns can thrive. These moments are what allow us to stand apart from any other agency. 

Our approach

Time Triggers and the Power of the Calendar

Reaching target consumers can often be a difficult task with so many brands vying for their attention. The pet industry is no exception which is why we are unique among agencies in building strategies around time triggers. Essentially, the calendar is full of moments where your audiences are already predisposed to pay attention to and engage with certain kinds of content and messages. We use these moments and strategically deliver the right messages at the right time to capitalize on times when your audience will pay closer attention. 
We call these time triggers and they are the back bone of calendar-based marketing. When it comes to getting the most out of your marketing budget, pet brands should look to the calendar for timing and inspiration, seeking out the white spaces between your brand and the competition. We maximize those time triggers and are able to get more for our pet industry clients. 
Pet Marketing agency

How we work

Data is what we do

More than 67% of all U.S. households own a pet. That’s 85 million families that love and cherish their furry family members. We have sophisticated data collection and analysis expertise that allows us to identify fascinating and lucrative insights into those millions of families that can inform our strategy, creative, and outreach. 
However, the breadth of our data capabilities aren’t the key factor, it’s the targeting. We are able to discern insights on granular levels that can be pinpointed to exact audiences, geographies, and demographic factors. With a data program large enough to reach 85 million households but concise enough to target specific audiences, the possibilities for unique, ownable insights into your consumers are massive. 

What makes us different?

  • We humanize pets.

    We know how pets aren’t just important to a family, they are family. As a pet industry marketing agency we strive to promote and help all pet brands that are looking to improve the lives of our pets.
  • We know e-commerce.

    We know how to take our data insights and create ground-up digital campaigns that use hundreds of touch-points to drive potential new customers to your website and then bring them through to purchase.
  • We own influencer marketing.

    With over 500 registered influencers located around the world (and more being added every day) our network reaches every target and sized demographic.

  • We love data.

    We are also a national news-leading data resource that gathers and distributes insights on industries, competitors, and consumer behaviors and uses it to inform our messaging, creative, and outreach.

Our expertise

  • Digital Marketing
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Public Relations
  • Market Analysis Insights
  • Pet Product Marketing
  • Video Production
  • Event Activations

Our formula

  • Use Time Triggers

    There are moments throughout the year where consumers are more likely to engage with pet related marketing than at other points. Understanding those time triggers and maximizing their effectiveness through great messaging and content creation can help your brand stand out from the competition. 

  • Explore new platforms

    Pet marketing is unique in that the content syndication opportunities are higher than many other industries. Animal-based content emotionally connects to audiences regardless of the platform. Don't be afraid to push into new apps and platforms with pet friendly content, it's almost universally enjoyed. 

  • Create with care

    The term "pet parent" has become a symbol for the changing roles pets take in many people's lives. Most have moved past the idea of pet ownership, viewing their dogs, cats, of chinchillas as members of the family. Treat every messaging touchpoint with this in mind to avoid turning off audiences. 

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