Non-Profit Marketing Agency

About us

We use a multi-channel marketing approach to promote your cause

In this digital era, non-profit organizations must operate and thrive on many marketing avenues to amplify their mission, encourage donations and attract volunteers. As a non-profit marketing agency, our team of marketing experts use a multi-channel approach to market your organization and build message-focused, point-of-sale, and transactional campaigns that target your specific audiences and promote your organization’s ideals and causes.

We understand the power of marketing and sharing the right message at the right time. We use the latest tools and techniques to reach volunteers, donors and stakeholders in ways that make them most receptive. At National Today, our marketers do a thorough analysis of your goals and target audience, and use platforms such as social media, SEO, online ads, videos, influencer partnerships, email marketing, events, webinars, infographics, and public relations to help share your organization’s message as well as raise donations.

Our approach

We use calls-to-action at the right time with the right offer

At National Today, we craft non-profit marketing plans that define your organization’s goals, understand your audiences, define key messages, and analyze your market performance. We make use of both traditional and new forms of marketing to scale your non-profit. Our tailored and compelling content marketing strategy shares your organization’s message across various digital platforms. We use calls-to-action at the right time with the right offer and encourage social media users to act for raising donations. 

We have a comprehensive network of influencers that market your non-profit organization on their own platforms and channels for maximum exposure. These influencers can serve as brand advocates and help champion your cause. We know what kinds of stories will interest your target audience and use our holiday platform to create relevant and compelling content to create awareness, drive social and political engagement, help establish your non-profit’s identity, seek volunteers and partners, and raise funds.

How we work

We help build long-lasting relationships with your audience

As a non-profit marketing agency, we are constantly educating and informing your target audience, stakeholders, and donors with our compelling storytelling techniques. We read the pulse of your audience and understand the selling process. Our team of expert marketers prepare a plan outlining your target audiences’ needs, interests, and pain points to get you maximum leads and help with funding as well as donations. 

In order to build a positive identity for your non-profit, we reinforce your organization’s mission and values, and work on creating meaningful and long-lasting relationships with your stakeholders and audiences. We study and analyze your competition and set goals that are measurable, attainable, relevant, and time-bound.

What makes us different?

  • We are go getters

    We layout a robust marketing plan for your non-profit to thrive and grow its database of donors, funding partners, and target audiences.
  • We nurture leads

    We score leads according to audience behavior, needs, interests, and pain points. We use effective marketing campaigns leading your target audience to the donation stage.
  • We use calls-to-action

    We share the right message at the right time with the right audience. We use calls-to-action to drive social media users to click through and engage with your organization.
  • We work laterally

    We work on parallel platforms and translate your non-profit’s goals into actionable and sustainable marketing objectives for better ROI.

Our formula

  • Customize content for different audiences

    Reaching your target audience means developing content campaigns that drive audience behavior and expectations. Showing your audience that you understand them at a psycho-social level with customized content will pique their interest in your non-profit while building trust and credibility.

  • Be consistent and transparent

    Consistency is the key when you want to share targeted content with your targeted audience. Focusing on your segmented audience and understanding their perceptions and behaviors helps in building long-term relationships and loyalty.

  • Focus on social media

    Non-profit organizations should be faster in adopting social media marketing strategies to create maximum social impact and achieve sustainability. Posting relevant and engaging content on various social media platforms brings better visibility, transparency, and reach.

  • Optimize digital experience

    To maximize brand awareness, embracing connections with your audience is vital. Prioritization of digital content helps reach your donors and stakeholders faster than other marketing channels and elevate your non-profit’s reputation.

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