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About us

We use data to hand-pick talent for scalable celebrations

Holidays are like parties, if they are endorsed by the right people then everyone will want to attend. To make sure we’re sending out the right invites we track hundreds of thousands of influencers globally and analyze them to understand the value they offer. Specifically, we focus on identifying those that drive tangible business results.

We create campaigns around an ownable moment in the calendar, coupling the data with creative blueprints that spark an emotional interaction with the day, week, or month we’re looking to activate. The result is an influencer marketing strategy that quite literally puts you in people’s calendar – while also driving audience engagement and conversion rates that are far superior to other marketing channels.

Our approach

Tailored campaigns with a focus on quality

What’s the point in creating an ownable moment with your brand at the core if the invites get lost and it doesn’t connect with the right audience? We conduct a stringent evaluation of each influencer, analyzing and scoring their content, audience size, relevance, and engagement to ascertain their suitability to your campaign.

Is yours a complex activation with multiple selling points? Or do you have varying messaging requirements for different audience profiles? No problem. We combine multiple influencers into one campaign to ensure that no messaging or audience bucket is left empty. Every campaign is customized to fit your objectives.

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How we work

Delivering on the metrics that matter

As an influencer marketing agency, we study each influencer as though every day is World Maths Day, delving into their analytics and using the data to determine who represents the best value relative to their reach and impact. We look past the vanity metrics and dig deep into performance data from previous activations. We care about clicks, downloads, and purchases, the metrics that impact business results.

Our methodologies are applied at all levels of influencer marketing. Whether it’s celebrity influencers, macro influencers, micro influencers, or nano influencers, we carry out the same analysis to craft a shortlist of influencers that is more refined and calculated than others are capable of offering.

We’ve activated a wide array of sponsored holidays in the past and as such have extensive experience working in highly regulated industries like healthcare and financial services, meaning we’re fluent in what’s needed to work with your legal and compliance departments.

What makes us different?

  • We live for data

    We’ve not yet created National Data Day, but we have however built our own influencer CRM that helps measure the true influence of each influencer quicker than you can shout Christmas.
  • We value unique solutions

    There are just so many things an influencer can do and combining them with your own holiday means you can achieve things that typical marketing can’t.
  • We welcome all sizes

    A group of smaller influencers can not only reach your target audience better than one huge influencer, they do it at a fraction of the price, bringing with them a more loyal and engaged fanbase.
  • We remember the human

    Without the human, there is no need for the data. Our priority is, and always will be, to trigger emotions in humans with world-class creativity.

Our capabilities

  • Organic Influencer Campaigns

    We will identify and collaborate with trusted influencers to create content and spread conversation organically in a target market.

  • Paid Influencer Campaigns

    By identifying key influencers and creating bespoke campaigns which tap into their audience, we’re optimizing for real results and maximizing ROI.

  • Celebrity Relationship Management

    Celebrities have loyal following and a great level of influence. Brands who work with them across their social media will see immediate impact at a large scale.

  • Ambassador Program Management

    If you’re looking for lasting relationships with talent that aligns with your brand messaging and goals, then we can make that happen by helping source anyone from A-list celebrities down to micro influencers.

  • Product Trial Campaigns

    Are you looking to build a viral buzz around your product? We align brands and influencers to create product trial posts and reviews.

  • Hospitality Campaigns

    Our global presence means we’re able to collaborate with the best local, national, and international influencers who reach the key demographic and showcase the very best that venue has to offer.


Why is creating a holiday and then marketing it with influencers an effective strategy?

It creates an ownable moment where all eyes are on your brand or product and if the influencer campaign is well-researched, data-driven, and sticks to our proven creative blueprints then you’ll be front of mind for the consumers that matter to you.

Why hire an influencer marketing agency?

Conversion rates with influencers who have genuine authority are higher, but with thousands of potential influencers in each market, it’s important to be thorough and data-driven when identifying the best potential partners to work with.

How do you know we’ll be reaching the right target audience?

We’re thorough when evaluating influencers and always go the extra mile to ensure that an influencer's audience displays the right interests, demographics, and behaviors for your campaign.

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