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About us

We integrate effectively for you to own the moment

Food and beverage exist at the heart of all major celebrations and at National Today we have reason to celebrate 365 days per year. Whether the holiday is dedicated to a specific food, beverage, or brand, or whether it’s a special occasion where food plays a major role, our calendar-based platform provides a natural alignment for the largest food and beverage brands in the country. 

As a food marketing agency, we offer the authority for you to own those special occasions and timely moments in a unique way that no other platform can. Our platform is supported by a full-service agency specializing in integrated campaigns. Whether it’s PR, influencer marketing, paid social, or one of our other services, we’re able to coordinate effectively to amplify an activation around a moment in time. 

Our approach

Mixing data and creative for the perfect recipe. 

While we do love to celebrate and salivate as we think about the upcoming food holidays, we always ensure that our cupboard is stocked with data beforehand. Once we have gotten to know you and your marketing objectives, we analyze the data meticulously to gain the insights needed to strategize and plot our path towards achieving your goals. 

From then on it’s all about execution and optimization. Whether it’s eye-catching headlines from our PR team, awe-inspiring videos from influencers, or highly targeted, impactful images on Instagram, we ensure that our creative is engineered to communicate the right message, with the right person, at the right time. Our “always-on” approach means that we’re constantly optimizing as we build up towards that big moment in the calendar, 

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How we work

Be relevant by being timely

We’re a full-service agency with a National Today flavored secret sauce sprinkled on top. National Today provides the hook or ownable moment at the heart of our campaigns, which is then picked up by our team of experts and given the full integrated marketing treatment, creating a groundswell of activity to raise awareness, drive sales, and propel frequency of purchase. 

Whether we’re using a combination of PPC, PR, shopper marketing, or paid social, the varying components all coordinate and work together to elevate your timely moment.

We’re confident that our unique campaigns will more than satisfy your appetite. Not only is what we’re doing a great way to differentiate your marketing strategy, but it’s all data-led meaning we’re able to continuously optimize throughout the campaign to generate maximum ROI.

What makes us different?

  • Data talks

    From great data comes a great recipe for success. Use consumer insights to create messaging and a targeting strategy that is on point.

  • Own the moment

    As well as being a full-service agency with experts in every discipline, the National Today platform offers an activation point that is uniquely suited to the food and beverage industry.
  • Trigger action through timing

    Assess the point at which your brand can have the most impact on the calendar and seize the moment to help consumers see your brand as an essential partner in their lives.
  • Be relevant

    To resonate and become part of your consumers’ life, the messaging needs to be laser-focused on the people you want to speak to. Your relevance needs to go beyond the surface.

Our expertise

  • Snack Foods
  • Organic Foods
  • Restaurants
  • Food Trucks
  • Local Suppliers
  • Supermarkets
  • Health Foods
  • Catering
  • Pet Foods

Our formula

  • Don’t let your story get stale

    Your brand narrative needs to be compelling enough to resonate with the consumer. The most successful companies last decades or even centuries because they refresh their narrative to keep up with the times and changing audiences.

  • Keep your product in focus

    Pictures speak louder in food marketing than in any other sector. Make sure images and video are at the heart of your communication toolkit to trigger those customer cravings.

  • Be Conscious

    Green lifestyles are here to stay. Empower your customers’ ability to live sustainably by highlighting ways that your product is environmentally conscious.

  • Embrace your heritage

    More than ever customers are conscious of the processes behind their food supply. Embrace where your food comes from and make it part of your emotional narrative.

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