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About us

We use effective storytelling for maximum brand exposure

A well-executed, robust, and compelling entertainment marketing strategy can help generate brand awareness and lead to better conversions. At National Today, our team of creative marketers, brand and PR strategists, and data nerds use various entertainment mediums to market a product or service. We incorporate content and advertising strategies to achieve maximum real-time traction and customer engagement. 

As an entertainment marketing agency, our team believes that bringing influencers, brand and content together makes storytelling more impactful. Our dedicated professionals craft a robust marketing strategy that consists of brand endorsements using our influencer network, brand integration and co-promotional/licensing campaigns. We use entertainment marketing techniques that help your brand in gaining exposure, capturing an audience, and increasing revenues.

Our approach

We use integrated strategies to drive engagement

From engagement marketing to content marketing, at National Today, we find the most effective ways to present your brand to your target audience. We use various strategic platforms such as web videos, SEO enriched content, podcasts, and influencers to focus on business growth.

At National Today, we create a compelling entertainment marketing program that understands your brand’s primary goals, objectives, target audience and competition. We outline a thorough advertising and public relations matrix to help your business connect with the right audience at the right time. Our marketing techniques analyze your competitors and craft insightful strategies to drive engagement for better ROI.  

How we work

We use data analytics to reach your target audience

As an entertainment marketing agency, we use best marketing practices to help your business level up. Our team of expert marketers dive deep into your brand’s needs and focuses heavily on demographic behavior and interests to reach your potential customers. We use data analytics to constantly test and optimize content for better brand awareness and viral engagement. 

We create a channel of communication between your business and your target audience, and build a positive brand persona by engaging with potential customers at each level of their buying journey. At National Today, our team has established relationships with influencers and stakeholders in the entertainment industry to help with effective brand positioning.

What makes us different?

  • We identify the right audience

    We do thorough market research to identify your customer base and devise strategies to share your brand’s message with your target audience at the right time.
  • We nurture leads

    We score leads according to customer behavior, needs, interests, and pain points, and use effective campaigns to lead your target audience to the buying stage.
  • We have the right tools

    We use tried and tested methods and tools to disseminate your brand’s message through the right platforms — whether via influencers, social media, videos, email, or many others.
  • We work laterally

    We work on multiple platforms and parallel approaches at the same time in order to provide better ROI for our clients.

Our formula

  • Customize content by audience demographics

    Creating compelling content that resonates with your audience is critical. Establishing valuable relationships with customers by targeting their location, behavior, interests, likes, and pain points to distribute relevant content through relevant channels is the key.

  • Focus on social media

    Adopting an omni-channel approach to share your brand’s message with your audience is integral to reaching them where they are most likely to engage. Build brand integrity by posting consistent content on different social media platforms for better visibility, transparency, and reach.

  • Study the competition

    Analyzing and understanding your competitors is important for successful brand integration. Identifying your core competition and its product offerings to help define a buyer persona to know where your product fits in is integral for brand success.

  • Optimize digital touch points

    Communicating with your target audience using various digital mediums can build brand loyalty and long-term relationships. The internet has made interacting with consumers easier and has increased chances of converting them into paying customers.

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