Education Marketing Agency

About us

Data-based dynamic learning

Education is one of the most important building blocks of society. And since society is constantly changing, we at National Today believe that education should be too. Our advanced data analysis tools and research insights allow us to keep up with those changes. As an education marketing agency, we learn from data to better understand and engage with the contemporary classroom and revolutionize the approach to learning. 

But as all teachers would agree, it’s not just about what you know, but how you implement it in the real world. We take what we’ve learned and make it accessible to students, educators, and administrators through the most efficient channels. We package your learning material in a way that captures the modern student’s attention and makes it exciting and easy for them to grasp. 

Our approach

Using data to bolster the desire to learn

Whether you’re looking to provide services to students, offer support to educators, or encourage enrollment in an education program, our team of copywriters, PR strategists, and designers work together to create learning experiences and content that will strongly connect with either educators or students and their guardians.

As an education marketing agency, we conduct research and gather data from the ground-up to gain insights into the needs and interests of the modern student and thereby drive and encourage demand for your services. We use a variety of approaches — group-specific surveys, social media listening, focus groups, and so forth — to collect information that is diverse and allows us to provide a holistic approach to learning.

Furthermore, online learning is becoming increasingly widespread in today’s society. We have the tools to reveal the strengths of online learning and develop ways in which it can be promoted, improved, and ultimately become the future of education.

How we work

Defining the what, who, and how of learning

We begin by establishing the message we want to get across. What are our goals and aims, our vision and mission? Are we advocating for a new form of education? Are we promoting a learning platform? Are there certain student or teacher testimonials or anecdotes we can use to empower our message?

We then determine the group of people we are trying to reach and how we can gain a better understanding of them. Do understand their specific needs and how can we convince them that you can help them fulfill those goals. We use calendar-based marketing to make those messages eminently relatable. 

Finally, we find the best possible route to make this happen. How can we reach your audience most effectively? What sort of platforms do they tend to use most? Whatever route we take, we work closely with you to build trust and a collaborative approach to decision making.

Our Values and Beliefs

  • We’re all-inclusive

    We don’t leave anyone out, every learner deserves access to the best education apps, technologies, and tools, no matter who they are or where they are in the world.
  • We keep it real

    We deliver authentic content that is focused on the best interests of students and their educators, rather than simply trying to sell them a product for our own financial gain.
  • We don’t generalize

    We ignore stereotypes and don’t make unfounded assumptions — we source trustworthy information and data to inform our decisions.
  • We target both ends

    We acknowledge that teachers, parents, and caregivers play an important role in forming the adults of tomorrow — we include their knowledge and experience in our process.

Our expertise

  • Social Media
  • YouTube Advertising
  • Market Research
  • Video Production
  • Web Development
  • Web Design
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Digital Production

Our formula

  • Learners come first

    We put our most valuable asset first to provide market insights and knowledge — the learner. After all, they’re the experts about what they want and need.

  • Input from the specialists

    We work closely with parents, teachers, and other educational experts to create the most efficient and useful campaigns for our education clients.

  • Keep it trendy

    Taking a youthful and modern approach to the way in which we reach out to the target audience using the same platforms that they are most drawn to, whether it’s TikTok, Instagram, or the next big social media development.

  • Stay true to yourself

    Do not forget the bigger picture and your original motivation. We keep that in mind throughout the journey because it makes for a more authentic experience.

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