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About us

We’re the blush to your brand’s face

The marketing and beauty industry are not so different. National Today uses traditional and digital marketing techniques powered by calendar-based marketing to help shape your brand’s identity and create narratives that your customers want to engage with. 

Whether you’re a cosmetics brand looking to break into a new market, or an entrepreneur trying to get your skincare product to the masses, we offer the advertising, digital, marketing, influencer, and PR campaigns needed to make your product pop. As a beauty marketing agency, we bring the marketing kit to match your make-up kit, giving you a curated look that accentuates the essence of your beauty brand.

Our approach

Using data to get flawless results

The internet and social media play a big part in the modern beauty industry. We have the pathways and blueprints to use this to our advantage. We delve deep into the consumer data surrounding beauty products and gain insights into your brand’s target audience and what they want. 

Beauty influencers drive the success of most beauty products. We closely monitor online behavior, collaborate with influencers, and conduct surveys to gauge interest, competition, and the latest trends. This allows us to paint a pretty picture of your product for you to present to the world.

How we work

Data (the ingredients) + influencers (the method) = recipe for success

Influencers are playing an increasingly bigger role in social media marketing, and no industry has benefited from this more than the beauty industry. The boom in YouTube make-up tutorials and TikTok beauty product reviews have set the stage for any good cosmetics brand to shine.

As a beauty marketing agency, we have an in-depth grasp of the power of data collection and analysis in driving the popularity of a product. We monitor and pull data from various online sources and social media platforms and determine the most prevalent trends, public interest, consumer demand, and the formidable forces within the beauty industry. 

Armed with this information, we develop the most effective marketing strategy for your brand. We bypass the Kardashians and Jeffree Stars, and approach influencers with smaller, more engaged audiences. This way, we help you build more intimate, authentic relationships with your target audience and boost your brand’s traction without breaking the bank.

Our Values and Beliefs

  • We create connections

    We have the resources and relationships to connect you with influencers whose values align with your brand and who are best suited to represent it.
  • We find your audience

    We do the market research and analysis to best define your potential consumers and determine the most effective route to reach them.
  • We choose the right platforms

    We put your brand on the appropriate channels to ensure the best returns.
  • We create beauty from data

    Our creative decisions are backed by solid data so the content we produce is not only catchy but well-informed.

Our expertise

  • Public Relations
  • Web Development
  • Social Media
  • TV Advertising
  • Brand Strategy
  • Influencer Marketing

Our formula

  • Using a variety of channels for optimal exposure

    Whether through print, video, or online, spreading various forms of marketing content through several media channels is the key to success. The more diverse and extensive, the better.

  • Creating communities through connections

    Building a community of fans and followers on social media where they can share their experiences of a product and grow its popularity is a key way to increase brand awareness.

  • Working with micro-influencers

    Real people have a much larger impact on popularizing products than paid actors and marketing schemes. Establishing trust, loyalty, and authenticity by working with reputable people in the beauty industry your audience relates to is paramount.

  • Nurturing symbiotic relationships

    It’s always advantageous to develop strong business links between brands that aren’t direct competitors but have related products. One brand can recommend another by telling their customers about it in an ‘if you like this, you may also like’ way — and vice versa.

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