30 Pride Month Activities

Celebrate love and diversity with these exciting Pride Month activities and events.

Celebrate the LGBTQ+ community, love, and diversity with these fantastic Pride Month activities. Whether you are a member of the community or an ally, there are various ways to become involved. Pride Month is a time to unite and celebrate our diversity with everything from parades and educational lectures to handcraft sessions and community meetings.

To help you participate in Pride Month in a meaningful way, we’ve put together a list of fun activities. Our suggestions will motivate you to celebrate love and unity, regardless of whether you want to participate in a nearby event or plan something special at home. Join us and help make this Pride Month one to remember!

Pride Month Activities for Students

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Personal Pride Flags

Celebrate Pride Month by encouraging students to design their own pride flags. This helps them discover more about themselves as they pick colors and symbols that show who they are. Talking about their flags will promote understanding and inclusion. 

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Melted Crayon Rainbows

Melt old crayons to create unity symbols, showing how different things can come together to be beautiful. Encourage students to embrace uniqueness this Pride season, like crayons forming a rainbow. Let’s celebrate differences and make everyone feel welcome.

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Rainbow Hand-Print Painting

This hands-on project is full of color and symbolic expression. Have students paint their hands in the color of the rainbow flag and press their handprints onto paper. Each handprint symbolizes both the beauty of individuality as well as togetherness things that matter during Pride Month.

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Create a Rainbow Club

Promote inclusivity and unity by establishing an LGBTQ+ club at your school. This initiative provides a safe and supportive space for all students to learn, share, and grow in their understanding of LGBTQ+ identities. By fostering open discussions and promoting empathy, the Rainbow Club encourages acceptance and respect for diversity.

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Research LGBTQ+ Activists

Encourage students to explore the lives and contributions of LGBTQ+ activists like Harvey Milk and Marsha P. Johnson. Through research and reflection, students gain insight into the struggles and triumphs of these trailblazers who fought for equality and acceptance. This activity fosters a deep understanding of social justice, empathy, and the power of advocacy.

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Rainbow Science Experiments

From creating rainbows in glasses with water and food coloring to exploring light and color, this hands-on activity fosters curiosity while teaching scientific concepts. Beyond their educational value, these experiments provide an opportunity to discuss the rainbow’s symbolism.

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Explore LGBTQ+ Books

Explore LGBTQ+ children’s books to encourage empathy and inclusivity. These stories teach kindness and acceptance from diverse viewpoints. By connecting with LGBTQ+ characters, students learn about respect for all. Teachers can also encourage students to write personal stories to express acceptance and empowerment.

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Create a Kindness Wall

Promote empathy and kindness with a kindness wall project. Students can share kind acts they’ve seen or experienced. Set up a designated wall space where they can contribute notes or drawings showcasing positive actions. This initiative nurtures a culture of compassion and understanding, while also fostering important social and emotional skills.

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Colorful Pride Flags

Provide students with a collection of different pride flags representing various identities within the LGBTQ+ community. As they color each flag, they can learn about the significance of each and the communities they represent.

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Hold Q&A Sessions

Promote understanding and acceptance during Pride Month by organizing Q&A sessions for students. This valuable activity offers a safe platform for students to ask questions about LGBTQ+ topics without fear of judgment. Educators and parents can provide informative answers, fostering open dialogue and dispelling misconceptions.

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Pride Month Activities for Work

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Engage in Meaningful Corporate Volunteering

Support LGBTQ+ causes at work by organizing a volunteer event. This impactful activity celebrates Pride Month while giving back to the community. Engage in team-building as you join forces to support communities in need. Partnering with local nonprofits fosters networking and strengthens connections with organizations. Through this corporate volunteer initiative, you demonstrate your commitment to inclusivity and social responsibility. 

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Knowledge-Sharing Lunches

Elevate Pride Month at work through informative “lunch and learn” sessions. This offers a comfortable space for candid discussions on complex topics. Timing the event during lunch hours ensures broader participation, accommodating busy schedules. Engage your employees in impactful conversations, such as “coming out” in the workplace, allyship strategies for LGBTQ+ colleagues, and more. 

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Promote Pride with Informative Content

Elevate your company’s Pride celebration by crafting insightful blog articles and social media posts. Share stories of accomplished LGBTQ+ professionals within your organization, highlight industry trailblazers, and suggest engaging Pride Month ideas for fellow companies. While creating content, prioritize authenticity over performative gestures, aligning your internal culture with your external message. 

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Embrace Unity at the Pride Parade

Join in the vibrant festivities of a Pride parade with your colleagues! Attending a Pride parade offers a unique team bonding experience, especially for those participating for the first time. Showcase your company’s support by entering a float in the march or, for remote employees, enjoy a virtual Pride parade celebration. 

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Foster Inclusive Communication

Promote inclusivity through language education in your workplace! Cultivate awareness about unconscious biases, discourage ableist language, and embrace LGBTQ+ inclusiveness. By avoiding gender stereotypes, biases, and heteronormative assumptions, you create a more welcoming environment. 

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Pride Month Activities for the Whole Family

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Nutritious Rainbow Snacks

Gather the whole family for a delightful activity: Making healthy rainbow snacks. Engage in the preparation of colorful fruits and vegetables, fostering an appreciation for nutritious food choices. As you create these snacks, delve into the symbolism of the rainbow and its significance during Pride Month.

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Tie-Dye Shirts

Gather the whole family to create Pride tie-dye shirts! Through vibrant colors and imaginative patterns, each family member can uniquely express their individuality while celebrating diversity and showing solidarity with the LGBTQ+ community. The process of making and wearing these colorful shirts becomes a visual representation of allyship and support.

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Pride-Themed Board Game

Unite the family with a Pride-themed board game! This interactive endeavor not only sparks creativity and critical thinking but also fosters inclusivity and social awareness. By designing a game infused with LGBTQ+ themes, histories, and experiences, you delve into interactive learning. This activity promotes empathy and understanding and adds a touch of fun while exploring essential topics.

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Rainbow-Themed Scavenger Hunt

Gather the family for a joyful rainbow-themed scavenger hunt! As you search for items matching the colors of the rainbow, embark on meaningful conversations about diversity and beauty. This activity is not just about finding objects; it’s a chance to explore the rainbow’s significance as a powerful symbol for the LGBTQ+ community. 

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Family Movie Night

Gather your family for a movie night that celebrates diversity! Make it special by watching inclusive movies and TV shows that represent various backgrounds and experiences. Common Sense Media is a valuable resource for finding recommendations that align with Pride Month’s spirit of inclusivity. 

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Check Out Family-Focused Pride Events

Explore family-centric Pride events beyond parades. Numerous cities arrange activities suitable for children. Museums and art galleries often host inclusive gatherings. Visit your local Pride website to uncover picnics, silent discos, and runs. Engage in these celebrations for valuable discussions about equality and diversity, all while enjoying enriching family moments.

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Create a Pride Rainbow Ceiling

Elevate your celebration by crafting your very own rainbow ceiling using long strips of color tissue paper. It sets the mood and will infuse the spirit of Pride into your home. Invite your friends and family over to share the beautiful feeling.  

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Rainbow Fashion Show

Celebrate Pride Month with a vibrant rainbow fashion show at home! Invite family members to express themselves by dressing up in colorful and creative outfits that showcase their Pride-inspired style. This joyful activity encourages individuality while fostering a sense of unity and acceptance within the family.

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Plant a Pride Garden

Celebrate Pride Month as a family by planting a Pride garden. The colors of the LGBTQ+ flag should be reflected in the flowers you choose to create this visually stunning representation. This hands-on activity allows your family to grow a beautiful garden while also learning more about the value of diversity and equality.

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Pride Month Protest and Festival Activities

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Fundraiser for LGBTQ+ Cause

Make a difference during Pride Month by organizing a fundraiser for LGBTQ+ causes. This impactful activity empowers people to support the community while fostering empathy and unity. Through fundraising efforts, everyone can learn the value of giving back and standing up for equality.

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Spread Positivity with Sidewalk Chalk Art

Engage in a meaningful protest by writing positive messages on sidewalks using colorful chalk. This simple yet impactful activity promotes joy and positivity within the community. Let your creativity shine as you craft uplifting phrases, sentiments, and drawings. By sharing these messages of kindness and encouragement, you become an agent of positivity, brightening the day of everyone who passes by.

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Host a Pride Poetry Slam

Engage in the power of words with a Pride Poetry Slam! This activity offers a platform for individuals to share their emotions, experiences, and perspectives through spoken-word poetry. Whether through original compositions or beloved LGBTQ+ poems, participants delve into themes like acceptance, equality, and love.

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Rainbow Friendship Bracelets

Spread love and support at festivals with rainbow friendship bracelets! Crafting these vibrant accessories is a delightful and meaningful activity that showcases solidarity with the LGBTQ+ community. Whether sold or given away, these bracelets become symbols of inclusivity and acceptance. 

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Letters for LGBTQ+ Rights Advocacy

Make a difference this Pride Month by writing letters to elected officials, advocating for LGBTQ+ rights. Whether it’s you or your kids, channel your voices and contribute to the movement for equality and inclusivity. Address important issues or share your perspective to create impactful change. 

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Promote LGBTQ+ Businesses

As you celebrate the spirit of Pride, take a moment to support LGBTQ+ businesses and organizations that contribute to the community’s progress. By patronizing and engaging with them, you’re helping create a more inclusive and empowered society while celebrating the essence of Pride festivals.

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