20 DIY Christmas Gift Ideas for 2018

We know the holidays can get expensive. These DIY Christmas gift ideas can help! Their quality and thoughtfulness will impress — and you’ll save some money along the way. And best of all, who doesn’t like receiving a handmade gift?


1. Christmas Cookies

Honestly, this is what everyone wants for Christmas anyway.


2. Body Scrub

You can make this with just four ingredients!


3. Cozy Fleece Blanket

This is a great gift if you’re handy with a sewing machine.


4. Fabric Notebook

Just glue fabric on a notebook and all of a sudden it’s fancy.


5. Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate Mix

Mason jars are cheap and cute. Cocoa mix is cheap and delicious.


6. Personalized Ornament

For those with little crafting ability, this one is hard to mess up.


7. Puff Ball Coasters

Coasters meet gumballs!


8. Letter Frame

Help your friends and family jazz up their room with a cute monogrammed frame.


9. School Supplies Tower

For those friends with a little one in school, this gift keeps on giving!


10. Succulent Chic

They’re trendy and easy to keep alive.


11. Blinged-Out Mason Jar

It’s a cup, it’s a vase, it’s a decoration piece!


12. Mood-Boosting Spray

It’s like Febreeze but cuter and more natural.


13. Coffee Cup Candles

Everyone has a few extra coffee cups lying around, just waiting to be candles.


14. Cute Eye Masks

Some light sewing skills will help you turn a cheap eye mask into something cute and treasured.


15. Fox Cozy

If you can’t sew, you can still make this cute cozy with some glue.


16. Photo in a Bottle

It’s not only cute but it’s also tiny.


17. Manly Gift Basket

A gift basket doesn’t have to be just fruit and flowers.


18. Mini Bead Rings

All you need are some tiny beads, wire, and simple rings to make these beautiful pieces of jewelry.


19. Chill Pills

Who couldn’t use some of these, especially during the holidays?


20. Date Night Box

For your significant other, or your favorite couple.