15 Romantic Valentines Day Ideas for Her

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Valentine’s Day is one of the most important holidays of the year for girls, which means that you’re going to have to dig a bit deeper and get her something other than a dozen roses and some chocolate. While she surely will love those things, we think you can get a bit more romantic. And we feel confident in saying that because we’ve put together a list of some truly romantic Valentine’s Day gifts for the lady in your life.

1. Book of Love Poems

Maybe your girl has a favorite poet. Even if she doesn’t, she’ll love getting a book of love poems from you. It’s something she can read from to think of you, and bonus points if you get her one that’s pretty enough to double as decoration.

2. Gold Tea Kettle

Perfect for warming up water for tea or coffee, this beautiful, sleek and, modern tea kettle will look great in her kitchen. She’ll enjoy making you coffee in the morning even more when she gets to put to use this gold kettle.

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3. Date Night Jar

All you need for this is a mason jar and some good ideas. Take small pieces of paper and write date night ideas on them — anything from a Netflix and chill night to a weekend getaway. Fold the papers up and put them in a jar that she can pick from whenever it’s time for a date night.

4. Fancy Candle

Diptyque candles have taken over the Internet, and your girl will love you even more if you get her one. There are a number of different scents to choose from and they’re all fabulous, so it’s hard to go wrong with these cult favorites.

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5. Spa Day

You can choose to either send her to the spa for a massage and some relaxation time on her own, or schedule a couple’s massage for the two of you. Either way, your girl will love getting this time to be pampered.

6. Breakfast at Tiffany’s Sleeping Mask

Chances are good Breakfast at Tiffany’s is on your girl’s list of favorite movies. Chances are even greater that your girl loves a good night’s sleep. Combine both of those with this sleeping mask that will give her the beauty sleep she’s after.

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7. Silk Pillowcases

Every girls wants to keep their hair looking fabulous, and their skin looking fresh. Make that easier for the lady in your life by getting her some silk pillowcases. Not only will these look fancy on her bed, they’ll make her feel fancy as they protect her face while she sleeps.

8. Monthly Wine Club Membership

If wine is up your girl’s alley, then she will go crazy over a wine club membership. Sign her up for one that offers some of her favorites, and every month she’ll be reminded of how fabulous you are when she opens up her door to find another bottle of wine.

9. Romantic Bath for One

After a long day, your girl is going to want some relaxation time. And maybe she needs to relax on her own. Set up a nice bath for her to enjoy, complete with candles, bubbles, a bottle of wine, and some zen music. Dim the lights, and let her relax.

10. Picnic in the Park

Weather permitting, grab your finest blanket and pick your favorite park. It’s time to treat your girl to a picnic in the park, complete with all of her favorite snacks and a cool bottle of champagne. Don’t forget the chocolate covered strawberries and a speaker to play some some of her favorite tunes.

11. ClassPass Membership

If exercise is your girl’s thing, then she will love if you get her a membership to ClassPass. She’ll get the choice of hundreds of different classes to take, possibly even more, depending on where you live. She may even find her new favorite workout thanks to you.

12. Long-Lasting Roses

If you just can’t help but buy your lady some roses on Valentine’s Day, opt for ones that are going to last longer than a week. These ones from Venus ET Fleur last an entire year, and look stunning the whole time in their beautiful box — which means even less work for you since you won’t have to hunt around for a vase.

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13. Love Coupons

Have fun personalizing your love coupons for your girl to redeem whenever she feels like it. You can make these as romantic as you’d like and feel free to throw some wild cards in there too.

14. Why I Love You Book

When you sit down to think about it, there are probably a lot of reasons you love the special lady in your life, and now is the perfect opportunity to let her know. Make a book for her that has one thing that makes you love her on each page. She’ll appreciate the thoughtfulness of this book, and will love reaching for it on a day she needs a bit of a boost.

15. Romance Map

Turn a map into a piece of personalized love art by marking on it places that are meaningful to you and your girl. Put a frame on it, hang it, and she’ll love walking by it and remembering those special times in your lives.