15 Creative Valentines Day Gifts for Him

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It’s time to think outside the box of chocolates and find your guy something unique, special, and memorable this Valentine’s Day. Sometimes it can be hard to get creative on your own, but don’t worry — we are here to help.

We’ve rounded up some great Valentine’s Day gifts that he will love and cherish, and that will be something he’s never gotten before.

1. Scratch-Off Map

Does your guy like to travel? If so, this scratch-off map is something that he will love. He can scratch off all the places he’s been, or all the places he wants to go. Inspire his love for travel with this map, and who knows, you may find yourself joining him on some adventures.

Starting at $26 here

2. MiniPresso GR Espresso Maker

If your guy finds himself struggling to wake up in the morning early enough to make coffee, then this gift is perfect for him. All he has to do is fill the top with coffee grounds and it brews the coffee directly into the mug, so he can make it on the go.

$50 here

3. Decanter

Give him something to make his boring glass of whiskey suddenly seem sophisticated: this fabulous decanter from West Elm. The fun geometric shape makes quite a statement, and thankfully this one is hard to chip or break.

$14 here

4. Slippers

You’re not the only one who gets to wear UGGs. The guys can have their fun with this cult classic brand thanks to the fabulous slipper options available. The Ascot 40:40:40 ones are our fave, and their sheepskin lining will have your guy’s feet in heaven.

$130 here

5. Sexy Truth or Dare

If you’re looking to spice things up a bit, then this Truth or Dare game is just what you need. Pick a stick and let the fun begin. Dares on one side, truths on the other.

$9 here

6. IPA Beer Making Kit

Give your guy a chance to show off his skills with this IPA beer making kit. He’ll get everything he needs to brew up his favorite brew, and chances are good he’ll share with you too. This kit makes ten 12-ounce bottles, and the equipment can be used over and over for more beer fun.

$50 here

7. Customized Leather Wallet

Every guy needs a nice wallet, so why not take the gift of a wallet one step further and personalize it to be like no one else’s? Opt to have this one packaged in the beautiful wooden box, and your guy will be loving this gift.

$35 here

8. Manly Candle

Guys like candles too, just not ones that smell too sweet. Thankfully, we’ve found the perfect one. This Tom Ford candle is perfectly manly and equally as fancy. You’ll have his place smelling too good to be true.

$98 here

9. Massage Oil

Massages are always appreciated, especially when they happen with some fabulous oil such as this lavender and chamomile-infused oil blend. Give your guy a nice treat after a long day with this relaxing scent, and fingers crossed he’ll return the favor.

$12 here

10. Cologne

Picking new cologne for your guy can be tough (and sometimes very expensive), but this one from Lush is a favorite that may be just right for him. With sandalwood and lemongrass in it, this cologne is “deep, dangerous, and intoxicating.” Sounds about right.

$60 here

11. Leather Dopp Kit

Girls aren’t the only ones with toiletries. Guys need a nice place to store their grooming equipment when traveling, and this Dopp kit from Miansai is guaranteed to be a hit. 100% Italian leather and in a variety of colors, this present is one that will last.

$250 here

12. Heart Waffle Maker

The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, right? Well this heart-shaped waffle maker will help you get to his stomach and his heart. Enjoy some fabulous breakfasts for two with this festive, loving waffle maker.

$30 here

13. 3-Speed Bluetooth Turntable

Does your guy love his records and his music? Get him this bluetooth turntable that will allow him to play his favorite records and blast his favorite Spotify playlists. It comes in a variety of colors and patterns, so you’re sure to find the one that’s just right for him.

$62 here

14. Basic Backpack

Whether for work or for class, chances are your guy is in need of a good backpack that can carry his stuff, but not one that is too flashy. This basic one from Herschel will get the job done, and won’t clean out your wallet in the meantime.

$60 here

15. Watch

Make sure he’s never late for a date by getting him a watch. This one from Urban Outfitters is a classic design that will never go out of style. Choose from three different colors to match his look.

$100 here