11 Mardi Gras Costume Ideas

No city does Mardi Gras like New Orleans. Bourbon Street’s filled with characters and costumes of all colors and types. You can go Halloween-style, or keep it traditional with masks and ball gowns. Whatever costume you choose, we recommend that you go all out. That’s really the only way. Here are 11 Mardi Gras costume ideas.


1. Jester


No joke. This one’s a classic.


2. Lady Versailles

Feeling a bit Marie Antoinette this year? Cinch up that corset and grab some ribbons and bows.


3. Mardi Gras King

Simple, really. Pull this off with the proper jacket, hat, and attitude.


4. Mardi Gras Queen

There’s always this.


5. Peacock

It’s festive — and perfect for any occasion. Well, almost any.


6. Courtier

Be a royal — without the responsibilities!


7. Cafe du Monde Server

People come from all over to eat at the world-famous Cafe du Monde in New Orleans. Just be sure you have some tasty beignets on hand.


8. Crawdaddy


A New Orleans favorite. Just watch out for those pinchers!


9. Hat

Then again, all you really need is a fabulous hat.


10. Mask

As in “masquerade.”


11. One word. Color.

In the end, some flashy hues will do just fine.