Day: April 19, 2017

National Garlic Day – April 19

Garlic is of the few ingredients that most people can forgive for giving them such bad breath. It's a wonderful ingredient with life changing powers, so we celebrate April 19th as National Garlic Day. For cooks all across the nation, garlic is one of the most versatile ingredients that makes and almost never breaks a dish. It comes in many transformative forms, that can elevate and enrich a dish even in small doses. You can serve it raw to add a pungent punch, sauté it to fill a room with a savory aroma, roast it to sweeten and mellow out the flavor, and even sprinkle it as a finishing touch. No matter the form it comes in, garlic is claimed to have wonderful health benefits too, like helping to prevent heart disease and certain cancers. It's also rumored to be a home remedy to help fight off colds. For those who are superstitious, garlic is even said ward off vampires, werewolves, and evil spirits. These pungent plants are certainly not to be lived without.
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