National Jelly Bean Day – April 22

Created and made popular in during the Civil War, jelly beans have always, and will forever be one of America’s favorite candies. These bite size, gooey vessels of goodness are honored on April 22 of every year—National Jelly Bean Day. The rainbow of colors and array of flavors they come in make it a tasty and beautiful day. Whether you eat them one-by-one, or shove a handful in your mouth, there is no doubt these

Why We Love Jelly Beans (and National Jelly Bean Day)

A. Playful treats
You can throw them in the air catch them in your mouth, or throw them across the room to try to make it in your buddy’s mouth. However you decided to play with them, the eating experience is always so much fun.

B. There are an endless amount of flavors
The original jelly bean flavors we’ve grown to love have grown from cherry, apple, lemon, blue berry, to some unique and extraordinary ones like popcorn, sizzling cinnamon, strawberry cheesecake, and many more. Allowing for a never ending option of flavors.

C. They make a great addition to anything
These bean like chews can be used in almost anything. Many people add them to recipes for: cakes, cookies; or use them to create beautiful pieces of art, or when crafting with family and friends. The possibilities are infinite.

How to Celebrate National Jelly Bean Day

1. Host a jelly bean party
Invite your friends and family over for a fun, jelly-filled evening. Have your guests wear the color of their favorite jellybean and form teams that way to play different games (like a jelly bean eating contest) for a fun night.

2. Bake a treat that includes jelly beans
There are so many baked goods that call for the inclusion of jelly beans. Heat up the oven and bake up some delicious treats to take to the office, or to indulge by yourself.

3. Create a piece of jelly bean art
Have you ever seen artists recreate popular art pieces with pasta? Now you can be an artist yourself by using jelly beans to recreate famous pieces of art. They also add a fun pop of color to any room.

Favorite Jelly Bean Recipes

Jelly Bean Nest  —  All Recipes
Get creative and make your own edible bird’s nest

Jelly Bean Pop-Tarts  —
Who said you couldn’t have dessert for breakfast?

Jelly Bean Martini  —
Add a little flavor and decorative touch to your next libation

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