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The Sandinista Revolution Day – July 19, 2023

Sandinista Revolution Day is on July 19 each year. People from all over Nicaragua assemble in Plaza La Fe, also known as Plaza de la Revolución, in Managua to commemorate a momentous and motivational occasion ― the overthrow of the militarized Somoza family dictatorship. This family brutally and dishonestly ruled the nation for more than four decades. The National Sandinista Revolution, which took place on July 19, 1979, saw the defeat of the Somoza dynasty and the National Guard by people from all walks of life, including workers, businesspeople, peasants, students, and guerrillas.

History of The Sandinista Revolution Day

The struggle of General Augusto C. Sandino (1895-1934), a national hero who fought bravely with the support of an army of farmers, is a symbol and direct precedent of the revolution. He fought against the U.S.’ armed intervention in Nicaragua, which occurred under the guise of ensuring the country’s peace and democracy. His strategies were so successful that, despite being outnumbered and having inferior equipment to the Marines, the foreign troops never defeated the Sandino army. When the Marines finally left the country, they left behind a Nicaraguan army known as the National Guard (“Guardia Nacional”) in the hands of Anastacio Somoza García, also known as “Tacho,” a national military officer trained in the U.S. Sandino wanted to negotiate a settlement after the marines withdrew so that his soldiers’ lives could return to normal. Both Somoza and President José Mara Moncada called him to the negotiating table. Sadly, Sandino was betrayed, taken prisoner, and killed. The location of this hero’s grave is still a mystery even today.

With time and political acumen, Somoza García came to power in 1937 and passed away in a hospital in 1956 after surviving an assassination attempt by young poet Rigoberto López Pérez. The youngest son Anastacio Somoza Debayle, trained in the U.S. like his father, led the National Guard and started a repression movement against those he considered political enemies in León after his father’s death. Luis Somoza, the oldest son of Somoza García, then assumed the presidency. Although he didn’t rule for 11 years, Luis Somoza Debayle was still in the White House in 1967 when he passed away unexpectedly. The dictatorial, oppressive, and devouring regime was reinstated after the government of a marionette president, Tachito, thanks to the victory of his younger brother in the national elections.

The Sandinista Revolution Day timeline

The Local Intendente is Appointed

The people of Leon were the first to rebel against the Spanish monarchy, overthrowing the local ‘intendente’ Jose Salvador.

The Spanish Constitution Helps

It grants greater autonomy to local governments, and García Perez becomes Nicaragua's ‘intendente.’

The Formation of an Empire

Nicaragua is a part of the First Mexican Empire.

The Independent Republic

Nicaragua becomes an independent republic.

The Sandinista Revolution Day FAQs

What is Nicaragua known for?

It’s known for its numerous lakes and volcanoes. Nicaragua is home to the two largest freshwater lakes in Central America ― Lake Nicaragua and Lake Managua.

What do you call a Nicaragua person?

Although the locals refer to themselves as Nicas, most visitors refer to them as Nicaraguans.

Are Nicaraguans friendly?

Yes, the inhabitants are friendly. Visitors are known to be warmly welcomed in Nicaragua, which also has lower crime rates in some areas than its Central American neighbors.

The Sandinista Revolution Day Activities

  1. Study the history books

    Read the issues, constitutions, and other pieces of literature. They’ll help you learn more about the holiday.

  2. Visit Nicaragua

    See the beautiful landscape of the nation. Enjoy the rich culture.

  3. Go for an adventure

    Go hiking or surfing. There are a lot of outdoor activities in the state.

5 Facts About Nicaragua

  1. It has Central America’s largest lake

    Lake Nicaragua is a tectonic freshwater lake and is the nineteenth largest in the world by area, with an area of 8,264 square kilometers.

  2. It’s prone to natural disasters

    Since Nicaragua is in a tectonically active region, earthquakes and volcanic eruptions frequently occur.

  3. It’s the largest country in Central America

    Nicaragua is the largest country in Central America, covering a total area of 130,375 square kilometers.

  4. It has the Mosquito Coast

    The Mosquito Coast of modern-day Nicaragua on the country's eastern coast is named after the local Miskito Amerindians, not mosquitoes.

  5. It had a female Head Of State

    Nicaraguan politician Violeta Chamorro presided over her nation from April 25, 1990, to January 10, 1997.

Why We Love The Sandinista Revolution Day

  1. It’s an ideal destination

    Engage in extreme adventure, sports, and outdoor activities. You can enjoy a good hike up on Monbacho volcano.

  2. It has natural beauty

    Nicaragua is a haven for nature lovers, thanks to its diverse and stunning landscapes. These include volcanic features, freshwater, and marine habitats, tropical rainforests, cloud forests, and mangroves.

  3. It’s home to birds

    The country's varied habitats are home to numerous species. These include over 170 different bird species.

The Sandinista Revolution Day dates

2023July 19Wednesday
2024July 19Friday
2025July 19Saturday
2026July 19Sunday
2027July 19Monday

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