Seasonal Holidays

Have you looked at National Today’s impressive list 12 of seasonal holidays? With us celebrating in always in season.

Where did seasonal holidays come from?

Seasonal holidays come from ancient times. Ancient humans were tied to agriculture and they followed the sun and seasons. Ancient Greeks celebrated the Feast of Poseidon. Nowruz, the day of the vernal equinox, has been celebrated for over 3000 years in Western Asia. Makara Sankranti, that marks the end of the winter solstice has its roots in ancient religious practices of India.
The seasons introduced a rhythm in the lives of ancient humans. Nature was an integral part of their existence. We can’t deny the effects seasons have on our moods. There is a spring in our steps in spring and we’re hit with the winter blues. What joy we feel when the crocuses burst through the snow. When the first leaf turns yellow we think of Fall, Halloween, and Thanksgiving – happy times!

Spring Equinox is celebrated on March 20 all over the world and in some cultures, it is regarded as the beginning of a new year. National Moon Day is celebrated on July 20, and Daylight Savings Day on November 4 is an important celebration for the U.S. This is the day you roll your clock back by an hour to avoid chaos. It also means one extra hour of shut-eye!

If it was left to us, no season would go uncelebrated. But you can choose the holidays you like best. To each his own season.

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