Provincial Day – August 5, 2019

Mon Aug 5

Did you know that Provincial Day is celebrated under different names in several parts of Canada? For instance, New Brunswick celebrates it as New Brunswick Day, while it is Simcoe Day in Toronto. Celebrated on the first Monday of August each year, Civic Day or Provincial Day is meant to foster the spirit of community among residents. It’s a statutory holiday in most parts of Canada. In fact, even though it’s not a stipulated holiday in Ontario, most employers in Ontario give their employees the day off.

Provincial Day - History


British Columbia Joins the Party

British Columbia was the last Canadian province to officially observe the annual holiday.


Toronto Celebrates the First August Civic Holiday

The first Monday of August is officially formalized as a civic holiday by Toronto City Council.


Toronto Starts Celebrating a Day of Recreation

The mayor of Toronto organizes a day of recreation for city residents in the middle of the summer.

Provincial Day Activities

  1. Go for a picnic

    Summer is the perfect time to enjoy the outdoors, and thankfully, most parts of Canada have gorgeous outdoor locations. Grab your picnic basket, invite your friends, and head out for some time under the sun.

  2. Join a conservation campaign

    One of the ideas behind Provincial Day is to make people aware of the area they are living in and make them a part of conservation efforts. Non-profit campaigns always need volunteers. Do something meaningful this Provincial Day.

  3. Party it up with your gang on Sunday

    'Monday is a holiday' is not a regular phenomenon. Make the most of this rare occasion by partying till late the previous night. Maybe look for a rave happening in your city, or just invite your friends over, have plenty of refreshments on hand, and some snacks to go with.

3 Amusing Facts About Canada You Probably Didn't Know

  1. You Might Weigh Less There

    That's right! Studies have found out that the Hudson Bay region, for instance, has lower gravity than the rest of the world. Don't worry, though. It is not low enough to make you jump sky high.

  2. Do Drink the Water

    Tap water in Canada is actually better in quality than bottled water.

  3. You can get a Free Ride on Holidays

    Parts of Canada have a volunteer service that offers free car rides to people who have had too much to drink.

Why We Love Provincial Day

  1. It raises awareness of your surroundings

    The idea behind Provincial Day is to make people aware of their community and their environment. By doing so, it encourages people to participate in community-led programs that work towards the betterment of the society

  2. Outdoor dining

    Provincial Day falls right in the middle of the summer, which means you can take your picnic baskets and enjoy the gorgeous Canadian outdoors.

  3. Contributions to communities are recognized

    Several provinces hold award ceremonies on this day, where residents who have made a positive impact on their community are rewarded for their diligence. We are all for community-driven initiatives.