Our Team

We are a collection of creatives with different skills and a common desire to celebrate every day! Read on to meet our team — and their favorite holidays:

Ben Kaplan Ben Kaplan

Publisher and CEO

Ben is the King of Quirky Holidays, and his vision and creativity touch every part of National Today. Ben is an accomplished salsa dancer, so International Dance Day is a welcome excuse to get out his dancing shoes. Kiss a Ginger Day is a special day in the Kaplan household — it’s the day his beloved dog Ginger gets smothered in kisses. And on National Boss’s Day, you can find all of us toasting Ben (he heads things up here at National Today).

Megan Height Megan Height

Chief of Staff

Megan loves storytelling and serving audiences. She applies cultural perspectives and smart technology to communications. And, she loves whimsy and delighting the world with moments of joy. Her favorite holidays are Dia de Los Muertos (she maintains her Calavera and mum decorations year-round), Texas Independence Day, and you can also hear her humming a corrido and sounding out a grito during Diez y Seis.

Patrick Quinn Patrick Quinn

Creative Content and Influencer Manager

Patrick’s creative work, marrying brand messaging with influencer audiences, has amplified results and created talking points that have moved beyond individual initiatives. He continues to curate and leverage the right influencers for brands looking to organically connect with specific audiences. Patrick counts tacos as a key component of Better Breakfast Month. His favorite holiday is Father’s Day.

Tom Caiazza Tom Caiazza

Content Editor

Tom Caiazza has been telling stories for as long as he can remember. His writing engages diverse audiences and creates action. Extremely judicious, funny, and relevant, he knows a good pitch when he reads one and writes with compassion and tenacity. When he’s not tapping away on a laptop he can usually be found celebrating Be Nice to Jersey Week. You will also find him perfecting his sourdough starter during National Flour Month.

Molly Cutts Molly Cutts

Brand Manager

Molly makes everything pretty by creating headers on each page, designing social posts that are fun to read and look at. Her favorite holidays are ones that she can celebrate with her dog Footers! That means National Dog Party Day and National Spoil Your Dog Day are particular favorites. Other iconic days for Molly: National Hammock Day (who doesn’t love a hammock) and National Happy Hour Day (best experienced in a hammock).

Jackson Carpenter Jackson Carpenter

Account Director

Jackson works with brands to create deals that surprise and delight consumers and drive growth and ROI. He offers integrated approaches to helping major brand, consumer and world moments reach intended audiences and outcomes. You’ll find him spitting the corniest (and best) dad jokes on National Tell a Joke Day. A family man at heart, he’s always ready with a card, phone call, or gift on Mothers’ Day, Fathers’ Day, and Siblings’ Day.

Joe Ahlert Joe Ahlert

Lead Designer

Joe is our lead designer of the digital design and development teams and is a maker with video, 3D printing, and graphic design. Through creative concepts and solid execution, he helps produce exceptional user experiences for users on National Today. He defines logic, designs user interfaces and functionality while holding his dog Clementine, so every day is National Dog Day for Joe. He’s also a big fan of National Eyewear Day.

Michael Burton Michael Burton

Viral Content Editor

Mike identifies trending moments in real time and helps amplify new, up and coming, and trending holidays on social and across channels. Mike likes seeing great ideas brought to life and then dispersed across the internet. He loves a reason to celebrate and so National Today reads like a list of endless possibilities to him. He’s got a sweet tooth, and so National Cheesecake Day is among his favorite holidays. As a Brit, he’s also a big fan of Bonfire Night, aka Guy Fawkes Day, and St. George’s Day.