We are a collection of creatives with different skills and a common desire to celebrate every day! Read on to meet our team — and their favorite holidays:

Ben Kaplan

Publisher and CEO
Ben is the King of Quirky Holidays, and his vision and creativity touch every part of National Today. Ben is an accomplished salsa dancer, so International Dance Day is a welcome excuse to get out his dancing shoes. Kiss a Ginger Day is a special day in the Kaplan household — it’s the day his beloved dog Ginger gets smothered in kisses. And on National Boss’s Day, you can find all of us toasting Ben (he heads things up here at National Today).

Cody Pittman

Director of Marketing
Cody works with brands to create deals that surprise and delight consumers and work wonders for brands. Cody isn’t a dad (yet), but you’ll find him spitting the corniest (and best) dad jokes on National Tell a Joke Day. A family man at heart, he’s always ready with a card, phone call, or gift on Mothers’ Day, Fathers’ Day, and Siblings’ Day. His third passion is surfing, so for World Oceans Day, you can find him hitting the waves.

Liz Bagot

Account and Publicity Manager
Liz is the National Today holiday expert, always ready to jump on a call with a magazine or newspaper journalist, call into a radio show, or beam into a TV studio talk about how to celebrate every day. Ask Liz about her three passions and the answers are clear: Coffee, cats, and foreign countries. So don’t be surprised with you find her sipping java on National Coffee Day, partying with her cat Belka on National Cat Day, and speaking in fluent Russian on Russian Language Day.

Mauricio Guitron

Account and Publicity Associate
Mauricio works hard to get everyone celebrating by booking appearances for members of the National Today team on TV stations around the country and by managing our extensive National Today influencer network. There’s a patron saint of New Year’s Eve, and his name is Mauricio. Confetti, champagne, fancy dress — check, check, check. Champagne makes a repeat-appearance at Mauricio’s second favorite holiday — brunch, celebrated every weekend, but especially on National Mimosa Day. And party at his place on World Television Day for a “Real Housewives” marathon (and champagne, obviously).

Su Panya

Account and Publicity Associate
Su works to spread the word about celebrating every day by conducting surveys related to calendar days and spreading the results far and wide, to TV, radio, online outlets, and print publications. Galentine’s Day, the celebration of female friendship, was made for Su. Pedicures, cocktails, and girlfriends? A perfect day. Brunch is a national holiday you can celebrate every week, and you’ll find her sipping mimosas on National Mimosa Day welcoming music festival season on the Summer Solstice, also known as the First Day of Summer.

Hubert Lamela

Senior Digital Producer
Hubert makes sure that this site is a well-oiled machine, keeping all the people and parts and social media teams moving so that we are always ready to party. He loves to travel, and you’ll be sure to find him soaking up sun, sand, and turquoise waves on National Beach Day. Summer Solstice provides a double dose of fun: as the First Day of Summer, it kicks off summer blockbuster season (Hubert is a movie buff) as well as summer concert season (Hubert is never without his earphones).

Nick Jones

Digital Producer
That viral video of a dog in a hot dog suit? Nick was behind the camera — he creates fun and sticky videos for National Today and works on our killer social team. Nick’s favorite holiday is World Beatles Day, a day to celebrate the Fab Four and jam along to their songbook with his trusty ukulele. Add a hammock, some trees, and a mountain, and he’s a happy man. He loves any opportunity to recreate his favorite scenario, so he loves Earth Day and International Mountain Day.

Vincent Mabutas

Graphic Designer and Social Media Manager
Vince is part of the team that helps celebrate every day across all of our social channels, writing quippy responses to comments and creating content that will have you smashing that “like” button. Ask him about the best burritos in the world, and he’ll tell you there’s no better place to be than San Francisco’s Mission District for National Burrito Day. A family man all the way, his other favorite celebrations are days that get the whole family together, like July 4 and Christmas, and of course, the two days that are all about celebrating him, Fathers’ Day and Husband Appreciation Day. There’s not a National Muscle Car Day (yet) but if there were, Vince would be the mascot.

Emma Schiffer

Associate Creative Copywriter
Emma has written and edited hundreds of entries on National Today, and has learned so many facts that will blow your mind that … it would blow your mind. She also coordinates contributors all over the world to write about global holidays. To read, or not to read—that’s never the question on National Book Lover’s Day (or ever, for that matter)! Other classic Emma holidays: International Sushi Day means a pilgrimage to her hometown for the best crispy rice and spicy tuna, and National Radio Day means spinning her favorite playlists.

Logan Sachon

Creative Copywriter
Logan looks up the histories of your favorite days to create timelines for celebration, and brainstorms celebration ideas to keep you partying all year year long. She also works with contributors all over the globe to ensure we truly are celebrating every day. For Logan, National Coffee Day is especially holy (it’s the only day she’ll have two). Other favorite traditions: Groundhog Day means a rewatch of the classic Bill Murray film with chocolate cake (just because) and National Chocolate Cake Day means … more chocolate cake (and probably also a rewatch of the classic Bill Murray film, because why not).

Kyle Tripp

Web Developer
Kyle keeps this website running and is constantly improving navigation so you’ll always be able to find a new day to celebrate. Developer Kyle’s most holy days are the high holidays of sports, including MLB Opening Day, NCAA Basketball’s Selection Sunday, and of course, Super Bowl Sunday. His other favorite days are National Spoil Your Dog Day (you’ll find him loving on his CockaPoo Dakota), National Dog Biscuit Appreciation Day (on behalf of Dakota), and Halloween (a perfect excuse to dress up Dakota).

Molly Cutts

Visual Designer and Illustrator
Molly makes everything pretty by creating headers on each page, designing social posts that are fun to read and look at. Her favorite holidays are ones that she can celebrate with her dog Footers! That means National Dog Party Day and National Spoil Your Dog Day are particular favorites at Casa del Molly (and Footers). Other iconic days for Molly: National Hammock Day (who doesn’t love a hammock) and National Happy Hour Day (best experienced in a hammock).

Fiamma Giger

Visual Designer and Animator
Fiamma animates our viral videos and creates headers and graphics for the site, making it somewhere you want to visit again and again. Designer and animator Fiamma doesn’t need a special day to celebrate life, but will take any excuse to celebrate it even more. Find her taking a spin around the dance floor on International Dance Day, scaling a rock face on International Mountain Day, or pitching a tent on Earth Day.