Reasons It’s Better To Be Single According To Science

As National Singles Day approaches, we take a look at what science says about people who haven’t found “The One” just yet, but are living their best lives!

We’ll be celebrating National Singles Day on September 22, to appreciate all aspects of singledom! This isn’t regarded as something to be pitied as much as it used to be because actually, there are numerous mental and physical benefits to being on your own.

With more people staying single for longer and settling down older, or some choosing to stay single forever, there’s certainly a cause to also appreciate singleness. Sure, relationships are fun, but living our best lives may mean being single! Whether happily solo or waiting for “The One,” take a look at what science says about the benefits of being single. 

Singles are healthier

Good news for those worried about dying alone, because it will probably be a while until that happens. A study by the Journal of Marriage and Family suggests that women who have never been married are healthier than married women, reporting fewer visits to the doctor’s, fewer bed disability days, and better personally ranked health. Even though weight doesn’t necessarily indicate health status, married women also gained more weight and had a higher BMI than their single counterparts.

A better social life

Remember Holly Golightly or Audrey Hepburn from “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” cute apartment and dazzling social life? Well, the stereotype of a single woman alone in her apartment is scientifically inaccurate. According to a study by the Journal of Personal and Social Relationships, single people are more likely to give and receive help and reach out more to their social networks than married people. So, when we feel like coupled-up friends have dropped off the face of the Earth, this proves why!

Single people are more giving 

Multiple psychological studies indicate single people are more generous with time, attention, and money than those who are married. Men who were both forever-single and divorced gave their friends an average of over $1,000 more than married men did. Additionally, both single men and single women are more likely to help their parents than married people.

They might even have better sex lives… 

Most of us think that being in a committed relationship with someone would mean consistent sex, but a study by the National Center for Biotechnology Information suggests otherwise. The study revealed that on average, Americans are having sex nine fewer times per year in the 2010s than they were in the ’90s. However, the sexual frequency among single people stayed the same and went down for married couples!

Giving space to think

Ever noticed single people taking off to a new country, learning a new hobby and just generally working on themselves? Well, when we are single, taking time to ourselves could be seen as an opportunity to get to know who we really are. Due to something called repetition compulsion, if we’ve been hurt in the past, we can be tempted to rush into new relationships with people who are wrong for us, because we’re trying to subconsciously fix the pain. When we take our time being single, time is often found as a great healer to let go of the past and try new experiences. 

Single or taken, we should always strive to be happy within ourselves. On National Singles Day, take time out to appreciate your single friends and take lessons from them, or if you are single, celebrate all there is to singledom!