Quiz: What Kind of Chocolate Are You?

As National Choose Your Chocolate Day approaches, celebrate by discovering what kind of chocolate you are.

This week we’ll be enjoying National Choose Your Chocolate Day, a day that celebrates chocolate and one of its great innovators, Mary See of See’s Candies. Mary founded See’s Candies in 1921 by using only the finest ingredients and having incredibly high production standards.

Now, almost 100 years later, See’s Candies are still known for their high standards and Mary has been given a day on the calendar in her honour. Part of the fun of this holiday is that you get to find out what kind of chocolate you are by taking the quiz below.

For a good cause

Not only does the quiz tell you what kind of chocolate your personality exemplifies, but it’s also for a good cause too. For each person who completes the quiz See’s Candies will be making a charitable candy donation to a worthy cause. After completing the quiz you get to pick from one of three charities who you would like to receive your donation.

Complete the quiz here, and remember to click the link at the end to choose who to make your donation to.