Heroic Pit Bulls Who Saved Their Human’s Lives

As National Pit Bull Awareness Day approaches, we take a look at why these misunderstood dogs are perhaps some of the most heroic

We’ll be celebrating National Pit Bull Awareness Day on October 26. For those who believe American pit bull terriers are menacing, dangerous animals, this day may be for you because pit bulls have been shown to be as loving and caring pets just as much as retrievers or labs. There are plenty of misconceptions and stereotypes about pit bulls, but when raised in a positive environment with lots of love, pit bulls can do some pretty heroic things!

For pit bull advocates, it’s all about sharing facts and figures about the breed that most people don’t know. For example, some tests conducted by The American Temperament Test Society have shown that pit bulls actually have a temperament pass rate of 82.3 percent, making it among the top five most stable breeds of the country. Here are some heroic tales of lovable pit bulls who have saved their humans’ lives.

Saving a boy’s life

When the Daniels family adopted Ember from a rescue organization, they had no idea that she would become so attached to her human brother, Tre. She loved her ten-year-old boy and slept at the foot of his bed every night. So much so, Ember knew something was wrong one night.

Tre’s mother woke to Ember making an odd sound and was pacing around near the boy’s bed. Knowing something was wrong, Mrs. Daniels followed Ember, who led her to the bathroom where Tre’s feet were hanging outside the bathtub. Tre suffered a seizure and fallen back into the tub. But thanks to the loyal pit bull’s quick reaction, Tre was rushed to the hospital and got the attention he needed, refusing to leave his side when he returned home.

Taking a bullet

Justin Becker was taken off guard when a burglar posing as a delivery worker tried to enter his home. Justin tried to fight off the attacker, but the man pulled a gun on him. That’s when Kilo, Justin’s Pit Bull, sprang into action and attacked the burglar. Kilo took a shot to the head before the man disappeared, his owner holding his beloved pet thinking it might be the end.
Justin rushed the pup to the veterinarian, where it was revealed that the bullet never penetrated Kilo’s skull and that Kilo will survive. The vet concluded it was a “one in a million” chance the gunshot did not kill the dog.

Rescuing her family from flames

Rhonda and Evelyn Westenberger woke to Baby the Pit Bull jumping on them and barking. They knew something was horribly wrong when smoke filled the room, so they hurried to get outside. However, the fire was already out of control and if Baby hadn’t woken them up, the family might not have been able to get out in time.

But Baby wasn’t done. She dashed back into the burning home to save the five other dogs who were trapped inside, leading them out of the flames. Not only that, Baby even grabbed one scared pup who was hiding under the bed and dragged them by the neck to safety. The pit bull managed to save her whole family, humans and pups alike.

Celebrate how loving, kind, and compassionate these dogs truly are and finally put to bed those terrible misconceptions on National Pit Bull Awareness Day. If you have a pit bull, make sure you give them extra attention to show how much they mean to you!