5 Ways To Have Socially Distanced Fun On National Sons Day

As today is National Sons Day, we look at ways to have fun at a safe distance for those who can't near their son.

Today is September 28 which means it’s National Sons Day. Normally it would mean catching up with your son, showing them lots of love, and doing something fun together. However, 2020 is far from normal, and meeting in person may not be an option for everyone.

With that in mind, we wanted to keep those parents who can’t physically see their son today in mind and suggest some fun ways in which you can spend time with them whilst keeping your distance.

5 Ways To Have Socially Distanced Fun On National Sons Day

1. Online Gaming

You’re spoilt for choice when it comes to online gaming options nowadays. There are fun family games such as Monopoly or even party games such as Heads Up that are all easily accessible and present a chance to have some fun, even if you can’t be in the same room as one another.

2. Play Monday Night Football Bingo

National Sons Day this year just happens to fall on the same day as Monday Night Football, with the Kansas City Chiefs playing against the Baltimore Ravens. These were arguably the two strongest teams last season and so it should be a great game. You could make it more interesting by playing MNF Bingo. Write down a bunch of things which you think will happen during the game such as Mahomes throwing a touchdown pass or Jackson running for a gain of over 10 yards and see who can get a bingo line first. It’s a unique way for you and your son to enjoy the game together.

3. Go On A Virtual Tour

If your son is the cultured type, then there are heaps on virtual tours available online that you could go on. There are museums and art galleries that you can explore together.

4. Throw A Surprise PowerPoint Party

PowerPoint parties became popular during lockdown. It’s basically where someone creates a PowerPoint presentation on a specific topic and shares it with others on Zoom. For National Sons Day you could do one all about your son. It’s a chance to bring up some old and embarrassing family photos whilst also making him feel special. Just make him think it’s a regular Zoom catch up and then hit him with your PowerPoint presentation. He’ll be cringing and you’ll love it.

5. Watch a movie together

Do you miss just hanging out with your son and watching a movie? Well, you can still do that at a distance all thanks to Netflix Party. Netflix Party is a chrome extension that allows you to watch Netflix and chat with other people at the same time. Pick a movie that you know your son loves and chat whilst watching it.

Those are our five suggestions. Whatever you end up doing, remember to make your son feel extra special on National Sons Day.