Hey, Now Your Team Manager’s an All Star

With this inaugural National Team Manager Day, FlipGive is introducing their Team Manager of the Year Award. Nominate the team manager in your life to qualify them to be one of three winners of a $1,000 cash prize.
All you need to do is tell FlipGive in 100 words or less exactly what makes your team manager awesome. The deadline for entries is November 30, so make sure you get your nominees in as soon as possible!
So what can you do on November 6 to celebrate your team manager after you’ve already nominated them for a cash prize? Here’s some ideas:
Say “thanks”
A simple thank you can go a long way. While an email is often the easiest way to express appreciation, people still value a hand-written note. Encourage your young athlete to say “thanks” too!
Pitch in for a gift
Whether it’s tickets to their favorite sports team (other than yours, of course) or a straightforward gift card, have all of the parents pitch in to treat the team manager with something special. But keep it quiet! It’s a team manager’s job to know everything that’s going on, so be sure not to accidentally spoil the surprise! 
Take them out to dinner
You spend so much time with your team that they ultimately become your family. Let them know that even though they’re on the sidelines, they’re still an important member of the team. Treat them to a nice “family” dinner and have each member of the team share why they’re thankful for all the team manager does. 
Offer to help
Something as simple as volunteering to help can mean the world to someone that usually does everything on their own. Show up early and offer to help set up for practice or stay late to help clean afterwards. It’s a small gesture, but it can make their day.
Team managers are the unpublicized leaders that keep the season running smoothly, parents and coaches informed, and schedules organized. That’s why we’ve teamed up with the free team funding app, FlipGive, to bring a new annual holiday to the masses.
National Team Manager Day will happen every year on November 6 to celebrate the unsung heroes of youth sports teams. The team manager could be a parent, a teacher, or even an older student who takes on all operational aspects of the team so that the coach can focus on player development. Without their efforts, there would be no rosters or league schedules, let alone travel budgets, playbook or practice organization, and facility rentals. We know it’s a thankless job, but FlipGive wants all team managers to know: they see you and they appreciate you.