10 Guys Who Should Be Nominated Boyfriend Of The Year

As National Boyfriend Day approaches, we take a look at some of the men who went to amazing lengths to let their loved one know just how much they mean to them

We celebrated National Boyfriend Day on October 3. This is the time where boyfriends get their time to shine for all the ways they make their partners feel loved. It’s vital for to feel appreciated in a relationship and a good boyfriend is well aware of that. However, some boyfriends set their standards so high that the rest of us should stop and learn from them! Let’s take a look at some sweet moments boyfriends have done something extraordinary.

A helping hand

This man decided to repair his girlfriend’s pantry while she was away.

DIY Pantry

A childhood dream

Most little girls dream of building a castle made of sheets in their rooms. This boyfriend made that a reality for his girlfriend to relive her childhood by creating a self-made pillow fort!

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Meerkat heaven

This boyfriend knew how much his girlfriend loved meerkats, so he organised an event for her birthday where she could hang out and feed these cute critters!

My boyfriend got me a meerkat experience for my birthday, here’s a pic I took of one whilst it was eating out my hand! from aww

Christmas cheer

This guy made an artificial fireplace for his girlfriend because she wanted a place to hang Christmas stockings.

My girlfriend wanted a place to hang stockings, so I made her this

Creative roses

Real flowers die, so this guy decided to take matters into his own hands by creating a bunch of paper flowers for the couple’s anniversary.

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Who doesn’t love sushi?

This girlfriend received the cutest sushi pillow made by her boyfriend!

My boyfriend hand made me a sushi pillow (inside pieces are individual pillows) from pics

While in Paris…

The French capital is the ultimate romantic destination, so this boyfriend saved up for a year and took his girlfriend on her dream vacation. He prepared her a surprise breakfast while she was in the shower.

I saved up for a year to take this vacation. My girlfriend is in the shower….hope she likes her breakfast from pics

Birthday wishes

This guy baked a cake for his loved one for her birthday. And this was the first cake he ever made!

My boyfriend made me a cake for my birthday. It was his first attempt at baking. from Baking

Gotta catch ‘em all

It’s the thought that counts after all. This boyfriend made a Squirtle all by himself, which he wasn’t so pleased with, but his girlfriend loved it.

My boyfriend made a squirtle, he isn’t super pleased with it but I think he’s cute from crochet

Skincare king

Just about every girl knows about the importance of skincare, so when his girlfriend is too tired, this boyfriend is there to help!

Whatever sweet gesture, big or small, it’s the thought that counts.