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FriMar 14

National Valerie Day – March 14, 2025

National Valerie Day is celebrated on March 14 each year. This day is dedicated to all women in the world named Valerie. The name originated from France, England, Ireland, Scotland, Germany, and even Scandinavia. This name day is one of the most important days because, after all, the first thing we learn about a person is nothing but the name. It is believed that a name lays the foundation for the development of individuality and indirectly affects the future of the person. On National Valerie Day, people gather together and celebrate the existence of another beautiful name like Valerie.

History of National Valerie Day

Valerie is a name derived directly from the French ‘Valérie,’ a name used only for females. The name is actually of Romanesque origin. The clan’s Latin name, ‘Valerius,’ is masculine and signifies ‘strength’, ‘health,’ or ‘courage.’ Valeriy is the male name equivalent in some parts of Europe, including France and Russia, and is also a common surname in French-speaking countries. Another much rarer French form of the masculine name may be Valėre. Feminine and masculine forms of the name are derived in many European languages ​​and are especially common in Russian and other Eastern European languages.

In Catholic Europe, these names have always associated a person with a saint such that the popularity of the name often reflected the importance of the cult of the saint. Several important saints have this name and were widely respected in the Middle Ages and recent times. St. Valerie of Limoges probably had the greatest influence on the spread of the name. Her cult was practiced on the path of St. James.

In the 1800s, the name ‘Valerie’ was not common. But later, from the 1930s, its popularity began to grow, and in 1959, it took 60th place in the top 1,000 male names in the U.S. Over the years, there has been a downward trend in the usage of the name. Today, the name is consistently in the top 200, and in 2020 jumped to 145th place in the U.S. rankings and 40th in Austria.

Famous people with the name ‘Valerie’ include American actress Valerie Bertinelli and American author Valerie Sayers.

National Valerie Day timeline

Valerie’s Act

English actress Valerie French first appears in a minor role in the Italian film “Maddalena.”

Valerie Pens a Novel

Sayers, an American author, writes “Brain Fever,” one of her six novels.

Valerie Gets a Star

American actress Bertinelli receives a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Valerie Joins the World of Politics

Laurent Wauquiez appoints Valerie Beauvais, a French politician, as Shadow Family Minister.

National Valerie Day FAQs

What could be the nickname for Valerie?

The most common nicknames for Valerie are Ree, RiRi, and Vee.

Are the names Valerie and Valeria the same?

Valerie is the French equivalent of Valeria.

What is the personality of a Valerie?

Valerie is described to be someone mysterious, independent, and respectable.

National Valerie Day Activities

  1. Expand your knowledge

    Do not be afraid to delve into the history of the name ‘Valerie.’ This way, you will be able to expand your knowledge by discovering facts and events that you didn’t know about before.

  2. Spend your day with Valerie

    You will find a lot of interesting movies and books that feature characters named Valerie. Celebrate National Valerie Day by spending it with a Valerie.

  3. Celebrate with friends

    Whether you know someone named Valerie or not, you can celebrate this name day with your friends. For example, you can watch films that feature Bertinelli or read novels by Sayers.

5 Facts About Valerie Thomas That Will Blow Your Mind

  1. Fascination with technology arose in her childhood

    At about the age of eight, Valerie Thomas’ curiosity about how things worked inspired her to take home a book called “The Boy’s First Book on Electronics.”

  2. She attended an all-girls high school

    Thomas studied in a high school in Baltimore, Maryland during the time of integration, with Science-related subjects considered unimportant or inappropriate for women.

  3. The situation changed in college

    Thomas entered Morgan State University as one of two women in her class to major in Physics.

  4. She worked at NASA

    Thomas took over the leadership of NASA’s image processing systems for the first satellite to send multispectral images to study the Earth's resources from space.

  5. The scientific exhibition pushed her to invent

    Thanks to a scientific exhibition in 1976, she invented the illusion transmitter, which uses a concave mirror at both the transmitting and receiving ends to create optical illusion images.

Why We Love National Valerie Day

  1. It has a long history

    The name ‘Valerie’ was a favorite one in the Middle Ages because it was associated with saints. National Valerie Day celebrates the popularity that this name began to gain many centuries ago.

  2. We support the idea

    A celebration of the day dedicated to the name is a great idea. The reason is every name deserves appreciation, including Valerie.

  3. It’s a day to congratulate your friends

    If you have a friend named Valerie and want to make her happy, and her birthday is not soon, then National Valerie Day is a good opportunity to do this. Buy a cake and have a tea party.

National Valerie Day dates

2025March 14Friday
2026March 14Saturday
2027March 14Sunday
2028March 14Tuesday
2029March 14Wednesday

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