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National Valentino Day – August 7, 2024

National Valentino Day is celebrated every year on August 7. ‘Valentino’ is the Italian variant of the Latin ‘Valentinus,’ an Old Roman surname derived from the Latin ‘Valens,’ which means ‘healthy, powerful.’ The Italian male name ‘Valentino’ is the male form of the feminine given name Valentina. Valentino is a boy’s name in Italy, which means ‘strong’ and ‘health.’ Whether you love high fashion or just the way this name sounds, Valentino is a great choice for a baby’s name.

History of National Valentino Day

The person most commonly associated with this name is St. Valentine, whose feast day takes place on February 14. Truth to be told, not much is known about this saint from the third century, but during the later Middle Ages, his cult and stories gained prominence. He is considered a martyr who, when during Claudius II’s persecution, was killed for officiating at

Christian weddings and making an effort to convert the Emperor to Christianity. Valentine is known as the patron saint of young people, happy marriages, and passionate and chivalric love. The name briefly returned in the late 1920s but with little usage for a short period before soon vanishing.

Rudolph Valentino’s tragic death, which occurred between 1926 and 1928, was a significant factor in Valentino’s brief period of success (1895 to 1926). Parents rushed throughout the nation to give their young boys the adoring Italian name of the movie star. It wouldn’t take long for the outpouring of grief over Valentino’s passing to pass, and he would be forgotten.

National Valentino Day timeline

New Heights of Popularity

Due to the death of Rudolph Valentino, the name reaches heights of popularity for the first time.

Valentino Garavani

The famous Italian designer is born.

The Name Returns

After a hiatus of more than 75 years, Valentino returns to the charts.

Ricky Martin Names His Twin

The pop star names one of his twins Valentino.

National Valentino Day FAQs

How old is the name Valentino?

The name appeared in the late 1920s for a short period with only moderate usage and then quickly vanished from use.

Who is the current designer for Valentino?

Valentino has quickly established itself as a fashion industry standard and a success story on a global scale. Pierpaolo Piccioli was proposed as the only Creative Director of the Maison in 2016, following the departure of Maria Grazia Chiuri.

Who is Giovanni Valentino?

He was an Italian humanist and non-trinitarian who lived from approximately 1520 in Scigliano to 10 September 1566 in Bern.

National Valentino Day Activities

  1. Watch the works of famous Rudolph

    Rudolph Valentino was a stage and screen actor. His career spanned the years 1914 through 1926. Watch some of his fine works to cherish this day.

  2. Celebrate it with your loved ones

    Since the name is associated with love and sensuality, spend the day with your loved ones. Do something special for them or make them feel loved.

  3. Read about Italian history

    Since the name Valentino is of Italian origin, you can spare some time and read about Italy and its history. The place is famous for its romantic and warm atmosphere, just like the appellation Valentino.

5 Interesting Facts About The Name Valentino

  1. It dropped from the top 100

    Valentino is now not among the top 100 baby names on U.S. rankings.

  2. The current popularity of the name

    Currently, Valentino is number 561 in U.S. births.

  3. The current versions of Valentino

    The English and French use Valentine, the Italians use Valentino, and the Spanish use Valentín.

  4. The lucky number

    Valentino’s lucky number is four.

  5. The most famous Valentino

    The most famous Valentino is the Italian fashion designer Valentino Clemente Ludovico Garavani.

Why We Love National Valentino Day

  1. It has a beautiful meaning

    The name ‘Valentino’ means ‘healthy,’ which is positive. It refers to good health and happiness.

  2. It gives a romantic feeling

    Due to its similarity with Valentine’s Day, the name gives off a very romantic vibe. It has a romantic atmosphere, but it also exudes the warmth and care connected to Valentino's personality.

  3. The poetic personality

    Valentino, like many other Italian masculine names, is poetic and sensual. ‘Vino’ and ‘Tino’ are well-known nicknames. Italian fashion designer Valentino adds to Valentino's elegant extravagance.

National Valentino Day dates

2024August 7Wednesday
2025August 7Thursday
2026August 7Friday
2027August 7Saturday
2028August 7Monday

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