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National Trevor Day – February 3, 2025

Trevor Day takes place every year on February 3 to celebrate the history of the name and all the Trevors worldwide. Trevor is a Welsh name or surname with a long history. It’s a habitational name that means ‘village’ or ‘farmstead.’ Trevorrow is the Cornish language equivalent of this name, and it is most commonly associated with Ludgvan. Trevor is also a shortened version of Treabhair, a Gaelic name denoting a descendant of Treabhar.

History of National Trevor Day

Trevor is derived from the Welsh components ‘tref,’ meaning ‘village or farmstead,’ and ‘fõr,’ meaning ‘large.’ ‘Tref’ is also linked to the Irish Gaelic ‘treabhadh,’ which means ‘plowing.’ Trefor is the name of a calm coastal community on Wales’ northwest coast in Gwynedd, but it’s also the name of several other communities and villages around Wales and Cornwall.

Trevor is one of the few Welsh surnames that is derived from a place name. Although the surname was adopted by the 16th century, it is unclear when it became a given name. We do, however, know that Trevor became famous outside of Wales in the 20th century. For generations, the Trevor family has been linked to the Denbighshire towns of Llangollen and Chirk in northeast Wales. The Trevors took up the role of bishops. John Trevor I was the first person with the name to be elected as Bishop of Saint Asaph in north Wales in 1346.

Trevor has been a popular boy’s name in the United States since 1915, with over 160,172 boys named Trevor in the past 200 years. Trevor grew in popularity as a baby name in 1990 when its usage increased by 120%. Trevor was given to 5140 babies that year, accounting for 0.1317% of all baby boys born in the United States.

National Trevor Day timeline

The First Bishop of St. Asaph

John Trevor I becomes the first Bishop of Saint Asaph in north Wales.

16th Century
The Surname is Used

Trevor is first established as a surname.

20th Century
Trevor Gains Popularity

‘Trevor’ becomes a popular name outside of Wales, United Kingdom.

Its Popularity Increases

Trevor grows in popularity as a baby’s name.

National Trevor Day FAQs

Is Trevor a biblical name?

No, it is not.

In French, what does Trevor mean?

Trevor is a word that implies ‘prudent.’

Is Trevor a male or female name?

It is a male name.

National Trevor Day Activities

  1. Prepare a gift

    Prepare a gift for the Trevor in your life or yourself if that’s your name! It might be a piece of engraved jewelry, a book, a t-shirt, or even a pen with ‘Trevor’ and a birth date engraved on it.

  2. Learn about the Trevor dynasty

    The name Trevor is linked to a Bishop dynasty that existed in 1347. Do a bit of research and learn more about this dynasty.

  3. Call your family

    If you currently live away from your family, this can be a good excuse to call everyone. Spend time over the phone catching up with as many family members as possible.

5 Facts About The Name Trevor

  1. The 852nd position

    In the United States, Trevor is the 852nd most commonly given name.

  2. 14 in 100,000

    14.47 people are named Trevor for every 100,000 people in America.

  3. It has two syllables

    Trevor is a two-syllable name.

  4. 148,528 Trevors

    According to the Social Security Administration, there are 148,528 people named Trevor in the United States.

  5. Its highest popularity ranking

    The highest popularity ranking for the name Trevor is 58, which was achieved in 1998.

Why We Love National Trevor Day

  1. Names are people’s identities

    Your name is your identity. It helps you understand who you are, where you fit in the world, and the community you belong to.

  2. It makes people feel special

    Celebrating a person or celebrating yourself based on your name, no matter how silly it sounds, is a great pick-me-up. It’s a simple way to remind yourself that you are special.

  3. It’s an excuse to treat yourself

    It’s a great excuse to treat yourself. You don’t have to wait for your birthday or Christmas to treat yourself. You can do that easily on this day.

National Trevor Day dates

2025February 3Monday
2026February 3Tuesday
2027February 3Wednesday
2028February 3Thursday
2029February 3Saturday

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