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SatSep 7

National Tatiana Day – September 7, 2024

National Tatiana Day takes place on September 7 every year. It’s a day set aside to honor all of the notable people who bear the name Tatiana. Tatiana is a Sabine-Roman female name that gained popularity in Eastern Europe.

Tatiana is a feminine variant of the Roman name Tatius, which is a derivation of Tatianus. This was the name of a saint who was martyred in Rome during the reign of Emperor Alexander Severus in the third century. Her name was popular in Russia and Eastern Europe, and she was highly revered in Orthodox Christianity. The name was not widely used until the 1980s in the English-speaking world.

History of National Tatiana Day

Tatiana is an early Christian-Russian name that pays honor to a third-century saint who was killed in Rome for her Christian convictions during the reign of the pagan Emperor Alexander Severus. Tatiana’s father was a Roman civil official who raised her with his Christian views in secret, and she went on to become a deaconess in the Church.

She was kidnapped by the Romans, and when she refused to worship their deity, Apollo, she was blinded and tortured. An earthquake miraculously shook the Apollo temple, causing his statue to fall. The Romans subsequently tossed her inside a lion’s cage during a circus, but the lions mysteriously refused to approach her again.

She was finally beheaded. It appears that the Romans frequently resorted to killing people who stood in open defiance of their beliefs, whereas Christians accepted death as a part of their faith. These legends abound in the Church, and Tatiana is no exception. Tatiana became particularly popular in Russia, Eastern Europe, and Slavic countries because the Eastern Orthodox Church (Byzantium Empire) embraced this myth more than the western Roman Catholic Church.

As a result, it’s widely assumed that Tatiana is derived from a now-defunct Sabine term with a forgotten meaning. Tatiana is still popular in Russia (where Tanya is the pet version) and other Slavic and/or Eastern European countries. English speakers did not adopt the name until the late 20th century.

National Tatiana Day timeline

Tatyana Ali Gets an Early Start

At age six, Ali starts her acting career as a frequent performer on Sesame Street, a PBS children's educational program.

Tatyana McFadden Wins Gold

During the World Championships, McFadden becomes the first athlete to earn six gold medals.

217 Newborns

Tatiana reaches a new high with 217 newborn girls being given the name.

One in 6,951

Tatiana is the name of one out of every 6,951 baby girls born.

National Tatiana Day FAQs

Is Tatiana a Latin name?

Tatiana is a Russian and Latin girl’s name, a feminine variant of the Roman surname Tatius.

Who is Tatiana from the U.S. today?

Tatiana Zappardino is a well-known American actress, screenwriter, producer, and editor, as well as a Marine Corps Second Lieutenant. She gained popularity after appearing in the T.V. movie “Orthus” as Tess and in the series “Superstition” as Tilly.

What is a good nickname for Tatiana?

Different countries have their own nickname preferences, but here are some of the most popular variations: Anya, Anna, Tanya, Tatia, and Tati.

National Tatiana Day Activities

  1. Cook some delicious food

    Every worthwhile celebration should include some fun and food. Cookies bearing the name Tatiana can be a tasty way to commemorate the occasion.

  2. Use balloons to show off your name

    Try some huge foil balloons in the shape of letters to add an extra decorative touch to your National Tatiana Day celebrations. These are available in budget stores, party supply stores, and online.

  3. Organize a name game at work

    Create a name day game with a little contest over your lunch hour at work. Make everyone disclose their names and give out awards in several categories.

5 Interesting Facts About The Name Tatiana

  1. Anna

    In some English-speaking countries, Tatiana is known by the nickname Anna.

  2. Ali, the presidential spokesperson

    Ali traveled to the United States as a spokesperson for Barack Obama during the 2008 presidential campaign, which is unsurprising given her political studies.

  3. “The Beast”

    Tatyana McFadden is dubbed "The Beast" because of her ability to climb hills.

  4. The “Orphan Black” star

    Tatiana Maslany, a Canadian actress, won multiple awards for playing multiple characters in the science fiction series “Orphan Black.”

  5. Triple threat

    Tatiana Manaois started writing, composing, and producing all of her music in 2010 and has never looked back since.

Why We Love National Tatiana Day

  1. This day celebrates identity

    It's only a day, but it has the potential to be so much more. As you come to grips with the real meaning behind your name, you begin to discover new things about yourself.

  2. It increases awareness

    It inspires discussion about the history of our names and how their meanings are significant. So post your discoveries and opinions about the day and your own name on social media, use the appropriate hashtags, and invite others to join in.

  3. It celebrates all the Tatianas

    This day celebrates all the Tatianas out there and their achievements. If you ever have the chance to name a newborn baby and choose Tatiana, they might grow up to do great feats like their predecessors.

National Tatiana Day dates

2024September 7Saturday
2025September 7Sunday
2026September 7Monday
2027September 7Tuesday
2028September 7Thursday

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