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ThuFeb 27

National Susan Day – February 27, 2025

National Susan Day is celebrated annually on February 27. Susan is a feminine forename derived from the Persian name, which means “lily flower.” There are variations in Coptic ‘Shoshen,’ which means “lotus flower,” in Hebrew ‘Shoshana’ ‘means lily’ (modern Hebrew translations could mean ‘rose’ or ‘flower’ in general), in Greek there’s ‘Sousanna,’ in Latin there’s ‘Susanna,’ and in Old French, there’s ‘Susanne.’ Susan’s life expectancy in the United States fluctuated between 1963 and 2004, with the lowest point in 1988 and the highest recorded in 1971. The average life expectancy for Susans was 70 in 1963 and 68 in 2004.

History of National Susan Day

Susanna or Shoshana, Susan’s cousin, was first popularized as a protagonist from the ‘Book of Daniel’ in the Hebrew “Bible,” a story that is also known to Christians. She is, in essence, a Jewish woman falsely convicted of adultery by two dissatisfied Jewish elders whose sexual advances she turned down. Susanna was about to be put to death when divine intervention sent Daniel to her rescue. Daniel isolated the two elders and confronted them separately. The men gave contradicting statements, revealing their deception. Susanna got to live while the elders were sentenced to death in her place.

The name Susan has had an unusual journey in the female popularity ratings in the United States. Susan was a very popular name during the turn of the 1900s, frequently ranking between 100 and 150 on popularity charts. Susan appeared to be losing her shine by the 1920s, as she began to drop. The name, however, enjoyed a ‘lily’ moment in the 1940s when she reversed direction and went straight to the top. In fact, from the mid-1940s to the 1960s, Susan was among the top 10 popular names for girls in the United States.

Susan was the most popular female name in the United States from 1957 to 1960. The name’s popularity remained relatively fair until the 1980s, but it eventually began to decline. Susan’s prime seems to have passed in modern-day America, and she is no longer a popular female name. In 1960, nearly 40,000 newborn girls were given the name Susan.

Sue, Sukie, Susie, Zuzu, and Suzy are just a few of Susan’s nicknames, many of which have been immortalized in song. Susan’s famous namesakes include activist Susan B. Anthony, author Susan Sontag, and actress Susan Sarandon.

National Susan Day timeline

The Birth of an Activist

Susan B. Anthony is born on February 15 in Adams, Massachusetts.

A Voice Actress is Born

Susan Alice Bennett is born on July 31 in Vermont, United States.

1957 — 1960
Susan Inches Closer to the Top

Susan peaks as the second most popular name for females in America.

Susan Loses Popularity

Close to 40,000 newborn girls are named Susan.

National Susan Day FAQs

Is the name Susan mentioned in the “Bible?”

Susan doesn’t appear in the “Bible,” but there is a story about a Jewish woman called Susanna who shows up in the New Testament.

What is the personality of people named Susan?

Susan is a name that conjures up images of a fiery personality. Susans are diplomatic, polite, insightful, and cooperative, with the potential to be psychic.

Who is Susan in Romeo and Juliet?

Susan was the name of the daughter of Juliet’s attendant — the Nurse — in Shakespeare’s play.

National Susan Day Activities

  1. Use the name

    Using a now old-fashioned name like Susan for your beautiful little flower child gives a more subtle homage to nature and gives the baby a vintage flair. It’s a classic.

  2. Play dress up

    This is an excellent opportunity to dress up in a way that reflects your name. You could even dress up like one of your famous ancestors.

  3. Celebrate a Susan

    Do you know any Susan? Make today a special day for them by taking them to lunch or giving them a gift.

5 Interesting Facts About Susan

  1. Susan is Siri

    Susan Alice Bennett is best known as the voice of Siri, the popular voice assistant for Apple devices.

  2. No credit was given

    Apple never acknowledged using Bennett’s voice despite CNN hiring audio-forensics specialists who claimed that her voice was used.

  3. YouTube named a Susan as C.E.O.

    Polish American Susan Diane Wojcicki became YouTube’s C.E.O. in late 2014.

  4. Wojcicki worked for Google before YouTube

    She played a role in Google’s founding and served as its first marketing manager.

  5. Susan Zuccotti

    For her work on “Under His Very Windows,” Susan Zuccotti won the Sybil Halpern Milton Memorial Prize of the German Studies Association.

Why We Love National Susan Day

  1. It helps discover your true self

    Our names tie into our personalities and identities. By understanding the roots of your name, you can discover your true self.

  2. You can meet your namesake

    Name days present a great chance for you to meet new people who bear the same name as you. You can make new friends and celebrate your unique name together.

  3. It raises awareness

    In a world where naming trends are shifting towards naming children after things like cities and cardinal points, traditional name days help preserve classic names.

National Susan Day dates

2025February 27Thursday
2026February 27Friday
2027February 27Saturday
2028February 27Sunday
2029February 27Tuesday

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