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National Sophia Day – July 22, 2024

National Sophia Day is celebrated on July 22 each year. The feminine name Sophia is derived from the Greek ‘Σoφία’ which means ‘wisdom.’ Common versions include Sophie, Sofia, and Sofie. The name is fairly frequent in Eastern Orthodox countries such as Greece, Romania, Russia, and Bulgaria. Sophia became a popular girl’s name in the United States in the 1990s. Many renowned women have kept their names in the news for decades, including Sophia Loren, Sofia Vergara, and Sofia Carson.

History of National Sophia Day

Sophia Loren, an actress, was one of Hollywood’s leading ladies for many years. She appeared in more than 40 movies and received numerous nominations and awards while doing so. Although her career was turbulent, marred by relationships and legal issues, the controversy did little to dampen her shining reputation.

She became a global sensation after starring in “Desire Under the Elms” (1958) alongside Cary Grant. “Two Women” (1960) was probably Loren’s most successful film ever, earning her a whopping 22 international awards and becoming a huge critical and financial success. She followed it up with the romantic comedy “It Started in Naples” (1960). Unlike most actresses from her generation, Loren is still active and appeared in the Netflix film “The Life Ahead” (2020).

Sofia Vergara is another famous actress and model who carries the name shoulder high. The gorgeous actress, who bears a striking resemblance to the young Sophia Loren, was a successful entertainer long before getting cast as Gloria on “Modern Family.” Vergara moved to the U.S. in the late 1990s after her brother’s death in a botched kidnapping attempt, settling in Miami, Florida. Following “Four Brothers” (2005) and “Meet the Browns,” her first English-language part was in the 2003 movie “Chasing Papi” (2008). She was given the role of Gloria in the 2009 season of “Modern Family.” By 2020, she had become Hollywood’s highest-paid actress after swiftly becoming a fan favorite.

National Sophia Day timeline

2 A.D.
Ascending to Sainthood

Sophia Wisdom is venerated along with her daughter's Saints' Faith, Charity, and Hope.

A Star Begins To Shine

Sophia Loren wins the Oscar for ‘Best Actress’ for “Two Women.”

A Diet Pepsi Commercial

Sophia Vergara appears in a Diet Pepsi commercial with David Beckham.

Breaking Records and Barriers

British powerlifter Sophia Ellis breaks the European deadlift record of 508 pounds at the European Championships in Sweden.

National Sophia Day FAQs

Is Sophia an attractive name?

Name experts claim that nine nations, including Mexico, Italy, and Russia, have adopted the name and its variations as their preferred girl’s name.

What is your personality if your name is Sophia?

Sophia is a name that signifies a freedom-loving and free-spirited individual. You make sensible decisions very quickly, especially in a dangerous or difficult situation.

Who is Sophia to God?

Christ was envisioned as having two sides, according to Gnostic doctrine: a male half, known as the son of God, and a female half, known as Sophia, who was revered as the mother of the universe.

National Sophia Day Activities

  1. Get a name plate

    Nameplates are stylish. Greek nameplates add a touch of uniqueness to them. Get yourself a Sophia name plate spelled out in Greek numerals.

  2. Learn the alphabet

    No, not your ABCs; we’re talking about the Greek alphabet. Learn the letters and pronunciations to say or write Sophia in Greek.

  3. Read some mythology

    We’re sticking to the Greek theme on this day. Read up on some mythology. The name means ‘wisdom’ and is connected to incarnations of goddesses like Athena, Minerva, and Hera. Study all their schemes, plots, and machinations.

5 Interesting Facts About Famous Sophias

  1. A cancer survivor

    Actress Sophia Vergara secretly battled thyroid cancer in 2000.

  2. Subtle war wounds

    Sophia Loren had a small scar on her chin caused by shrapnel from a bombing during World War II.

  3. The Sophia saints

    There are eight different Saint Sophias.

  4. Born for the role

    Sofia Coppola, daughter of Francis Ford Coppola, was born during the filming of “The Godfather” (1972) and played Michael Corleone’s daughter in the movie’s third installment.

  5. Not a natural redhead

    Sophie Turner, who played the red-haired Sansa Stark in H.B.O.’s “Game of Thrones,” is a natural blonde.

Why We Love National Sophia Day

  1. It’s meaning

    Who doesn’t want to be associated with smarts? It’s always nice to have a name that’s a reference to superior intellect. That’s worth celebrating.

  2. We get to learn history

    National Sophia Day is an opportunity to learn history. We get to explore the name’s place in mythology, religion, and philosophy.

  3. It radiates class and beauty

    Sophia is a name that exudes confidence, class, and beauty. It’s an elegant name for a tasteful woman.

National Sophia Day dates

2024July 22Monday
2025July 22Tuesday
2026July 22Wednesday
2027July 22Thursday
2028July 22Saturday

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