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National Shawn Day – June 10, 2024

National Shawn Day is celebrated on June 10 every year. Shawn is the Americanised version of the Italian name, Sean. The change in spelling appeared around 1970, possibly because Sean was often mispronounced as ‘seen’ by the English-speaking crowd.

Shawn is the perfect name for someone who has a hint of mischief in their eyes and is pure at heart. Someone who is innately good yet has a playful side just beneath the surface, ready to pop up among the people they feel comfortable with. Shawns imbue a sense of goodness. Shawn is pronounced just as it seems and rhymes with the word dawn, simplifying our lives.

History of National Shawn Day

The friendly and wholesome-sounding name has several wonderful meanings, some of which are ‘God is gracious,’ God is merciful,’ and ‘Gift of God.’ Shawn derives from the ancient Greek word ‘Yehochanan,’ which translates to ‘graced by Yahweh,’ where ‘Yahweh’ refers to ‘God.’

There are many well-known personalities bearing the name Shawn — Shawn Mendes, Shawn Corey Carter, Shawn Johnson, and Shawn Roberts, to name a few. Though the name Shawn is considered more suitable for boys, many girls also come to bear it.

Several fictional characters are also named Shawn. A popular one would be a young supporting character from the coming-of-age series “Boy Meets World” named Shawn Hunter. Other Shawns from the world of television and movies are Shawn Anderson from “Journey 2: The Mysterious Island,” Sean Maguire from “Goodwill Hunting,” and Shawn Spencer from “Psych, Psych.” Shawn can also be spelled as Shaun in some places.

National Shawn Day timeline

Shawn Johnson’s Olympic Win

Johnson wins her Olympic gold medal in the balance beam event.

The Most Powerful Couple

Shawn Corey Carter, popularly known as Jay-Z, marries Beyonce in April to become one of the most powerful couples in the country.

America’s Most-Liked Sports Figure

According to “Forbes Magazine,” Shawn Johnson becomes ‘America's Most-Liked Sports Figure.’

Shawn Mendes’ Hit Album

The first album of Mendes, “Handwritten,” becomes a massive hit.

National Shawn Day FAQs

What was Shawn Mendes's first song?

‘Life of a Party’ was Mendes’s first single. It reached #16 on the Billboard chart.

What does Shawn mean in Arabic?

Shawn is an Arabic/Muslim Girl name, and the meaning of this name is ‘Present; The Lord is Gracious.’

What is the personality type of a Shawn?

Shawn is a name that infers you are compromising, passive, and more likely to follow than to lead type of person. You prefer to be in the background rather than up front and center. You are sensitive, tactful, diplomatic, and a team player. You can easily understand the emotions and thoughts of other people.

National Shawn Day Activities

  1. Name a baby ‘Shawn’

    If you have one on the way, name them Shawn. Your child will likely be sensitive, tactful, diplomatic, and a team player.

  2. Attend a concert

    Is the iconic artist Shawn Mendes performing in your city anytime soon? If yes, use this day as an excuse and buy a ticket. Your wish to see Mendes perform live will come true.

  3. Celebrate the day

    If you have friends or family named Shawn, make them feel special by buying them flowers, lunch, gifts, or maybe just coffee. They will treasure this thoughtful gift for the rest of their lives.

5 Interesting Facts About Famous Shawns

  1. The youngest on Billboard Music

    Mendes was the youngest artist to reach the Top 25 when his debut single, which he released at 15, peaked at 16 on the Billboard Music chart.

  2. 30 under 30

    Mendes was named one of the “Times” ‘30 under 30: Music’ when he was 17.

  3. At only two days old

    Blue Ivy, Shawn Corey Carter's daughter, was featured in the music video of his song 'Glory' when she was only two days old.

  4. Shawn Corey Carter’s nickname

    Carter came up with his stage name ‘Jay-Z’ after reminiscing about his prior moniker ‘Jazzy.’

  5. The youngest star to win

    The former Olympian, Shawn Johnson, became the youngest person to win “Dancing with the Stars” when he took home the title in Season 8.

Why We Love National Shawn Day

  1. It’s a fun way to celebrate

    National Shawn Day is a fun occasion to celebrate with friends and family named Shawn. We take pleasure in celebrations because they help us remember the things that are genuinely important in life.

  2. It’s a day of music

    The day can still be enjoyable even if you don't know someone nearby called Shawn. Simply focus on the musical greats going by the name of Shawn and turn up the volume.

  3. It’s a reason to be thankful

    It is a good enough reason to call up the one who has named you and say thank you for such a pleasant name. This will also boost your self-esteem.

National Shawn Day dates

2024June 10Monday
2025June 10Tuesday
2026June 10Wednesday
2027June 10Thursday
2028June 10Saturday

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