National Sarah Day – November 15, 2022

National Sarah Day is celebrated on November 15 as a celebration and appreciation of all the Sarahs worldwide. The biblical name Sarah is that of Abraham’s wife. A feminine name is usually always used as a given name. In Hebrew, the literal meaning of the name Sarah is ‘woman of high rank,’ but it is often translated as ‘princess.’ Other names related to Sarah are Sara, Sarai, Sadie, Sasa, Seira, Sairah, and Sally. The name doesn’t have any masculine variations.

History of National Sarah Day

National Sarah Day is designated on November 15 as the day when Sarahs across the world take a break, rest, and celebrate their very being. Sarah has been a feminine name for thousands of years. Most Sarahs define their name as ‘princess.’ It’s true because the name Sarah is often translated as ‘princess.’

In Hebrew and Persian, the more literal meaning of Sarah is ‘woman of high rank.’ The name is also interpreted as ‘noblewoman,’ ‘lady,’ or ‘happy.’ Sarah was the name of the wife of Abraham, the father of Judaism. Sarah herself is considered the matriarch of the Jewish faith. And Sarah’s descendants from her son Isaac became the Hebrew people.

Since infant name records have been kept in the U.S., the name Sarah has ranked well. The name was popular in the 1980s and 1990s when it consistently ranked third, fourth, and fifth on the U.S. Social Security Administration’s list of most popular names. Today, Sarah remains in a high position on baby name charts. The Social Security Administration listed Sarah as number 87 for girls in 2020. Generally used as a girl’s name, there is a record of boys named Sarah. In 1989, the name was 823 among boys at its highest rank.

National Sarah Day timeline

March 25, 1965
Sarah Jessica Parker

Sarah Jessica Parker, best known for her role as Carrie Bradshaw on the H.B.O. television series "Sex and the City," is born.

March 19, 1986
Sarah, Duchess of York

Sarah Margaret Ferguson's engagement with Prince Andrew, Duke of York, is made public.

Sarah Palin

Sarah Louise Palin starts serving as the ninth governor of Alaska.

September 23, 2009
Sarah Hyland

The A.B.C. sitcom "Modern Family" is released, starring Sarah Hyland as Haley Dunphy.

National Sarah Day FAQs

Is Sarah a beautiful name?

Sarah is a lovely, very pretty feminine name that stands the test of time across the globe.

Why is the name Sarah so popular?

Sarah is a popular name because it’s a classic, having been around for thousands of years.

Is Sadie a nickname for Sarah?

Sarah’s initial nickname, Sadie, evolved into its name.

National Sarah Day Activities

  1. Spread the word

    Maybe some Sarahs don't know that National Sarah Day exists. If you know any Sarah, tell her about the day so she can celebrate her special day today. Make your family and friends aware of this day and help spread the word.

  2. Make the day official

    Some Sarahs had attempted to nationalize the day in the past. If you are a Sarah, you may want to join them in making National Sarah Day official.

  3. Treat yourself

    National Sarah Day is your special day. Treat yourself to some nice things, enjoy your favorite food and drink, or do some exercise. Today is about appreciating you.

5 Notable Sarahs In The Field Of Entertainment

  1. Sarah Paulson

    American actress Sarah Catharine Paulson was recognized by “Time” magazine as one of the 100 most influential persons in the world in 2017.

  2. Sarah Silverman

    Sarah Kate Silverman was a writer and performer on "Saturday Night Live."

  3. Sarah Butler

    American actress Sarah Elizabeth Butler is best known for portraying Jennifer Hills in the "I Spit on Your Grave" series.

  4. Sarah Steele

    Sarah Jane Steele is an American actress, having her breakout role as Bernice in the 2004 comedy-drama movie "Spanglish."

  5. Sarah Chalke

    Sarah Louise Christine Chalke is a Canadian actress and model, appearing as a supporting character in "Chaos Theory," which starred fellow Canadian, Ryan Reynolds.

Why We Love National Sarah Day

  1. It’s an appreciation day

    One of the nicest feelings in the world is being admired. And it's even better if we learn to appreciate ourselves. National Sarah Day is the time to appreciate the Sarahs by the Sarahs.

  2. It’s a special day

    National Sarah Day is a special day for all the Sarahs worldwide. From enjoying your favorite food and drink to going to your favorite place, the day is yours to do as you see fit.

  3. To make it official

    National Sarah Day is not officially established as a national day. If you think it's possible, the day can be a chance to join forces with other Sarahs to make the day official.

National Sarah Day dates

2022November 15Tuesday
2023November 15Wednesday
2024November 15Friday
2025November 15Saturday
2026November 15Sunday

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