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WedJun 26

National Sarah Day – June 26, 2024

National Sarah Day observed on June 26 celebrates everyone who goes by the name Sarah. Sarah is a feminine given name found in many different areas around the world. It is a consistently popular one across Europe, North America, and the Middle East. Sarah is commonly used as a female first name by Jews and Christians alike, and also remains popular among non-religious people in cultures influenced by these religions. Sarah, born Sarai ‘Sāray’ in Hebrew is a biblical matriarch and prophetess who is a major figure in Abrahamic religions. As much as different Abrahamic faiths portray her differently, Christianity, Judaism, and Islam all depict her character similarly. They describe her as a pious woman, renowned for her hospitality and beauty. She is the wife and half-sister of Abraham and the mother of Isaac. September 1 is Sarah’s feast day in the Catholic Church, August 19 in the Coptic Orthodox Church, January 20 in L.C.M.S., and December 12 and 20 in the Eastern Orthodox Church.

History of National Sarah Day

In the biblical narrative, Abraham says in two places that Sarah is his sister. Once was in the encounter with Pharaoh, and another time in the encounter with Abimelech. Abraham lies because he knows Sarah is a stunning beauty and fears that the Pharaoh would kill him to be with Sarah.

Sarah was originally called ‘Sarai.’ When Yahweh promises Abram that he and Sarai will have a son, he renames Abram Abraham, and Sarai is renamed, Sarah. Folk etymologies exist that explain their old and new names.

The name Sara also has Indian roots where it refers to ‘Geeta Sara,’ meaning the ‘conclusion of Bhagwadgeeta’ (famous Hindu text). Sara also has several meanings in Sanskrit such as ‘main point,’ ‘essence,’ ‘substance,’ etc.

In the United States, Sarah has been counted among the top 150 female given names since 1880, when name popularity statistics were first recorded in the nation. From 1978 to 2002, Sarah ranked among the top 10 names. However, it reached a plateau in popularity from the early 1980s to 1988.

Every year since then and including 1989 it has dropped in popularity, but remained the 30th most popular name for newborn girls. In 2010 Sara, its most common variant spelling was number 121.

Sarah has also been popular in Ireland and the United Kingdom. In England, the name gained popularity after the Protestant Reformation and was the most popular name in the United Kingdom between 1974 and 1984. Sarah ranked as the 10th most popular female baby name in Ireland in 2014.

National Sarah Day timeline

February 11, 1964
Politician's Birthday

Sarah Palin, the 2008 Republican vice presidential nominee, is born.

Animated Sarah Movie

An Australian animated drama film named “Sarah” is released.

Hello Princess

Sarah Ferguson marries Prince Andrew and becomes the Duchess of York.

June 2008
Sarah is Feted

The Alumni Association of North Idaho College gives Sarah Palin its Distinguished Alumni Achievement Award.

National Sarah Day FAQs

Is Sarah more common than Sara?

Sara’s variant spelling, Sarah, has become more popular.

Can Sarah be a boy name?

Sarah is typically a feminine name, but some people have given the name to their baby boys.

Is there a serial killer named Sarah?

Sarah Jane Robinson, known as The Boston Borgia, was an Irish-born American serial killer who poisoned her family members and other people over five years.

National Sarah Day Activities

  1. Learn some history

    Learn more about the name Sarah. Go as far back in time as you can and see what interesting characters you can find.

  2. Name your baby

    Are you expecting a baby girl and looking for a suitable name? Sarah would be a wonderful choice for your little one.

  3. Hug a Sarah

    If there are any Sarahs in your life, give them a heartfelt embrace. Gifting them something they like would be a fantastic bonus.

5 Facts About Different Sarahs

  1. The influence of fans

    Sara Tancredi, the “Prison Break” character played by Sarah Wayne Callies was brought back in Season Four due to the fans' overwhelming response to her death.

  2. Macabre obsession

    A Ted Bundy-obsessed German teen, Sarah M, was sentenced to 12 years in jail after stabbing a security guard in 2021.

  3. Change of plans

    Serial killer Sarah Jane Robinson's death sentence was commuted to life in prison and she died behind bars.

  4. Plane fearful

    Sarah Paulson, an actress in “American Horror Story,” has a huge fear of flying.

  5. A powerful voice

    Sarah Vaughan, a famous American jazz vocalist, and pianist had a huge four-octave range, well above the average two to 2.5-octave vocal range for women.

Why We Love National Sarah Day

  1. We celebrate famous people

    From actors to singers, politicians, radio presenters, athletes to writers, this day recognizes all famous Sarahs. We celebrate their lives and achievements.

  2. We learn history

    The name Sarah has a rich history from Biblical times. On this day we learn more about it from its origins.

  3. We eat cake

    National Sarah Day is a time for celebrations. We party, eat cake and raise a glass in honor of all Sarahs around the globe.

National Sarah Day dates

2024June 26Wednesday
2025June 26Thursday
2026June 26Friday
2027June 26Saturday
2028June 26Monday

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