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FriDec 27

National Samuel Day – December 27, 2024

National Samuel Day is celebrated every year on December 27. Is it just us or does being around a Samuel make you feel supremely important too? We’re told it’s the Samuel effect. He has the knack for making things right – whether a crisis needs addressing or chakras need aligning. When Samuel’s around, everyone feels like the center of the universe. As much as we love Samuel The Fixer, we’re also big fans of his goofier, softer side. So, whether you know a Sam, Sammy, or Samuel, appreciate them today. Go out of your way to do something nice. You know Samuel would do that and more for you!

History of National Samuel Day

Samuel comes from the ‘Old Testament’ in the “Bible.” The name originates from a Hebrew phrase that either means “name of God” or “God has heard.” A fascinating aspect of Samuel is how he’s a respected figure across all Abrahamic religions — Islam, Christianity, and Judaism. Despite differing faiths, Samuel’s narrative is fairly consistent: a wise leader, seer, and judge in ancient Israel, a remarkable story that begins before he was born.

His mother, Hannah, had been childless for years. Samuel was born to her and Elkanah after much heartache and prayers. In gratitude, Hannah dedicated her son to the service of Eli, the priest. Soon it became clear that Samuel was no ordinary boy and was destined for greatness. He received divine oracles as a child. As an adult, Samuel was instrumental in the victory of Israel over the Philistines. It is said that Yahweh spoke directly to Samuel, after which he anointed Saul as king.

The first ‘Book Of Kings’ contains detailed information on the man. Though the “Bible” has two books dedicated to Samuel, he was neither the author nor protagonist of the books. Why, then, were the books named after him? It could signify how respected and revered Samuel was. Was Samuel a prophet, politician, or a seer ahead of his times? Perhaps he was all these things if we go by history and religious scripture.

The name Samuel continues to inspire awe and respect even today. If you know a Samuel, one thing’s for sure — their achievements will be considerable. Also, keep a lookout for Samuelles and Samuellas, the feminine variations of the name.

National Samuel Day timeline

The Rise of Samuel

Samuel becomes a popular Christian name as the Protestant Reformation sweeps Europe.

Samuel’s Technicolor Dreams

Samuel T. Coleridge writes the trippy poem ‘Kubla Khan’ after dreaming about Xanadu, the fabled summer capital seat of Kublai Khan’s dynasty.

Friendship, Imagination, and Adventures on the Mississippi

“The Adventures of Tom Sawyer” by Samuel Clemens (better known as Mark Twain) enthralls the American public.

Uncomfortable Truths

Samuel Beckett’s “Waiting For Godot” examines the absurdity of human existence.

National Samuel Day FAQs

Is Samuel an Irish name?

The Irish variation of Samuel was Somhairle. Samuel, sometimes Sorley, was the Latin version of the name.

What are the nicknames for Samuel?

Sammy or Sam is the usual short form of Samuel. Sometimes, they may also be nicknames for Samson, another name from the Bible.

Is Samuel a prophet?

According to the “Bible,” the Lord called on a young Samuel to become a prophet. After Eli’s death, Samuel instituted religious worship and law and order in Israel.

National Samuel Day Activities

  1. Make a playlist

    Not sure how to celebrate National Samuel Day? How about a playlist inspired by Samuels or Sams? Music by Sam Smith or Sam Cooke never disappoints.

  2. Jazz up your Sammy

    A ham sandwich is great but let’s take our sandwich game up a notch today. Gorgonzola and pear, anyone? Or maybe calamari and aioli?

  3. Hype Samuel up

    History shows us that Samuels are the ultimate M.V.P.s. Remind them of this legacy today. Tell, or better still, show a Samuel how much you appreciate them.

5 Facts About Samuel L. Jackson That Will Blow Your Mind

  1. The unusual way he managed his stutter

    He overcame the fear of public speaking by using expletives as anchor words.

  2. He participated in the Civil Rights Movement

    A young Jackson volunteered as an usher at Martin Luther King’s funeral.

  3. His one request to George Lucas

    Jackson was a “Star Wars” fan and requested to use a purple light saber — the stuff of his childhood dreams.

  4. Jackson never wanted to act

    He attended college intending to become a marine biologist.

  5. He has a wig consultant

    Although bald in real-life, Jackson consults with a wig specialist for his iconic on-screen personas.

Why We Love National Samuel Day

  1. Anything but ordinary

    We love days that celebrate people just because. No milestones or special events are needed, just a day that shows people how much they are loved.

  2. A chance to bond

    National Samuel Day brings different people of the same name together. Meeting a namesake is always fun.

  3. It brightens the day

    National Samuel Day is fun for everyone. Samuels deserve a party and a little creativity. The rest of us can get into the groove too!

National Samuel Day dates

2024December 27Friday
2025December 27Saturday
2026December 27Sunday
2027December 27Monday
2028December 27Wednesday

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