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ThuAug 15

National Philip Day – August 15, 2024

National Philip Day on August 15 honors all Philips around the world. Philip, which is also spelled Phillip, is a male given name derived from the Greek ‘Philippos,’ meaning ‘fond of horses.’ The Greek name comes from a compound of ‘philos,’ which means ‘loving,’ and ‘hippos,’ which means ‘horse.’ Philip has many alternative spellings. Phillips is one derivative often used as a surname. In ancient Greek, the name was also spelled with two ‘P’s, that is, ‘Philippides’ and ‘Philippos.’ It has many nicknames including Phil, Pip, Philly, Lip, Pep, or Peps. Different prominent Philips in history includes the kings of Macedonia and one of the apostles of the early Christian church.

History of National Philip Day

Numerous men throughout history named Philip have achieved great success. One of the most famous is Phillip Calvin McGraw, better known as Dr. Phil. He is an American television personality, author, and the host of the television show “Dr. Phil.”

After obtaining his doctorate, McGraw joined his father in his private psychology practice in Wichita Falls, Texas. They partnered with businesswoman Thelma Box in presenting self-help seminars called “Pathways.” Dr. Phil. sold his share in the company six years later for $325,000.

Oprah Winfrey hired McGraw’s legal consulting firm “C.S.I.” in 1995 to prepare her for the Amarillo Texas beef trial. Through McGraw’s firm, she ended up winning the case. Soon after, she invited him to appear on the “Oprah Winfrey” show. His appearance was so successful that he began appearing every Tuesday as a relationship and life strategy expert.

He went on to start his show, “Dr. Phil,” in 2002. In this show, McGraw tackles a different topic in each episode and offers advice to his guests. The show gained a massive following in a short time. In 2018, ‘Dr. Phil’ was the top syndicated show having a ‘2.9 live-plus-same-day’ national Nielsen rating. By 2020, Phil McGraw was in the 22nd spot on the Forbes list with earnings of $65.5 million.

Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, was the husband of Queen Elizabeth II. Philip is the longest-lived male member of the British royal family. He was born in Greece, into the Greek and Danish royal families. When he was 18 months old, his family was exiled. Philip helped develop the equestrian sport of carriage driving. He was a patron, president, or member of numerous organizations, including the “World Wide Fund for Nature.” He also served as chairman of The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award, a youth awards program for people aged 14 to 24.

National Philip Day timeline

April 15, 1960
A King is Born

King of Belgium, Phillipe Leopold Lodewijk Maria, is born.

Time to Stop

Dr. Phil ceases renewing his license to practice psychology.

End of the Road

Convicted sex offender Phillip Garrido is arrested for kidnapping Jaycee Lee Dugard 18 years earlier.

Almost a Centenarian

Prince Philip passes away at the age of 99 years old.

National Philip Day FAQs

What is the feminine version of Philip?

Feminine forms of Philip include Philippine and Philippa.

What is Philip II of Macedonia known for?

King Philip II is best remembered as the father of Alexander the Great.

Where was T.V. presenter Phillip Schofield born?

Schofield was born in Oldham, Lancashire, England.

National Philip Day Activities

  1. Watch “Dr. Phil”

    The show “Dr. Phil” is a big hit. Catch up on previous episodes to celebrate the day.

  2. Show appreciation

    Got a friend named Philip? Take them out for a nice dinner.

  3. Learn some history

    Discover more about the name Philip. There are numerous notable characters throughout history with this name.

5 Interesting Facts About Famous Philips

  1. Disturbing family relation was formed

    Garrido fathered two children with his 14-year-old abductee Dugard.

  2. Philip pioneered Arabic studies

    Philip Khuri Hitti, a Lebanese-American professor, is credited for developing the discipline of Arabic studies in the United States.

  3. Philip took a break

    Australian Philip Rudd, drummer of the band “A.C./D.C.,” left the group in 1983 and only rejoined in 1994.

  4. Philip launched solo album

    Rudd released his first solo album “Head Job” in 2014.

  5. Philip excelled in sports

    American professional baseball player, Phil Weintraub, had the fourth-best career batting average of all Jewish major league baseball players.

Why We Love National Philip Day

  1. We celebrate icons

    This day honors famous people in various industries named Philip. It's a day to celebrate their lives and achievements.

  2. We learn history

    The history of the name Philip is rich. This day is perfect for learning more about it from its origins in different cultures until today.

  3. We can have a good time

    National Philip Day is fit for partying. We acknowledge all Philips around the globe with merriment and cheer.

National Philip Day dates

2024August 15Thursday
2025August 15Friday
2026August 15Saturday
2027August 15Sunday
2028August 15Tuesday

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