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National Personal Chef's Day – July 16, 2023

National Personal Chef´s Day is observed every July 16 in the U.S. On this day private chefs across the country are celebrated and honored. Be aware though that private chef and personal chefs are not the same. While a private chef usually works exclusively for one client and typically lives in a person’s home or on the property, a personal chef may have many clients, run their own business, or work for a company. Personal chefs carry out different types of tasks. They prepare meals at the clients’ homes or deliver meals already prepared. They may also create a meal plan taking dietary needs or the client’s preferences into account. If meals are delivered, clients would then follow the instructions provided by the chef for heating the meals.

History of National Personal Chef's Day

This holiday was first created by the United States Personal Chef Association to honor the long and hard hours worked by all kinds of chefs but in particular personal chefs. They are the ones who prepare nutritious meals for single clients or multiple families. A personal chef’s main responsibility is to cook meals that meet their client’s needs and dietary restrictions. Often, however, they also do the grocery shopping, cook on-site at the client’s home, and clean up the mess.

Being a personal chef is not easy. It is a competitive business out there, so experience and training are necessary. Although not all personal chefs have culinary training, they do have many years of experience and have honed their skills in the trade. Most of the personal chefs worked at restaurants, hotel kitchens, or catering. The work also requires additional research about allergies and different kinds of diets such as vegan or celiac.

Personal chefs spend long hours on their feet especially if they have more than one client. Personal Chef Day acknowledges and honors the dedication and often lonely hours a chef puts into their craft. However, their passion for cooking and bringing nutritious and delicious meals to the table keeps them striving to create wonders in the kitchen.

National Personal Chef's Day timeline

Twelfth century
Liu Niangzi

One of the most famous chefs of the century, Liu is a Chinese court official and imperial chef.

Fifteenth century
Martino de Rossi

He’s an Italian culinary expert who is unequaled in his field at the time and is considered to be the Western world's first celebrity chef.

Sixteenth century
Guillaume Fouquet de la Varenne

He is a French chef who becomes an important statesman in the service of Henry IV.

Seventeeth century
François Pierre de la Varenne

He is the author of “Le Cuisinier François,” one of the most influential cookbooks in early modern French cuisine.

National Personal Chef's Day FAQs

Where does a personal chef cook?

A personal chef can cook at their home or in your home.

How does a personal chef know what I need or like in my meals or diet?

Before a personal chef starts on your meals, you will have a conversation about your likes, dislikes, and nutritional needs.

Can I freeze personal chef meals?

Of course, but make sure you tell your personal chef that you want your meals to be frozen.

National Personal Chef's Day Activities

  1. Do something special for your personal chef

    If you have a personal chef, do something special for them. Take them for a meal at an exclusive restaurant, give them the day off, or switch roles and make a meal for them.

  2. Hire a personal chef for one day

    Never had a personal chef? Hire on to celebrate the day. Treat yourself to the luxury of a personal chef.

  3. Become a personal chef for one day

    This is a great idea to celebrate this day. Becoming a personal chef for one day and cooking meals for your loved ones is an interesting way of stepping into a personal chef´s shoes.

5 Intriguing Facts About Personal Chefs

  1. The world’s first celebrity chef

    Carême became the first celebrity chef when he embarked on a culinary journey in 1816.

  2. Art and science are needed

    Chefs must know the chemistry of flavors in order to create sensational dishes.

  3. The chef’s hat

    The different folds in a chef’s hat are supposed to indicate all the different ways in which they can prepare eggs.

  4. Personal knives

    Most chefs have tier own personal favorite set of knives they always use.

  5. Access to famous people

    Chefs have a higher chance of meeting famous people than most other professions.

Why We Love National Personal Chef's Day

  1. Personal chefs take care of our health

    They are in charge of preparing meals according to their client´s dietary restrictions. They do the research to ensure that the food you eat is healthy and nutritious.

  2. It is a celebration of cooking

    Most people love eating and chefs are at the forefront of tantalizing our tastebuds. They are definitely worth celebrating for the wonderful experience they give us.

  3. Personal chefs are affordable

    Eating out every day or getting take-out from local restaurants is not cheap. Consider the services of a personal chef as they are a far more cost-friendly alternative to consider.

National Personal Chef's Day dates

2023July 16Sunday
2024July 16Tuesday
2025July 16Wednesday
2026July 16Thursday
2027July 16Friday

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