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SunFeb 9

National Owen Day – February 9, 2025

Every year on February 9, we commemorate National Owen Day. Owen is a name with Welsh and Celtic roots. Owen is written ‘Owain’ and pronounced ‘OH-ween’ when derived from the Welsh name. Eoghan is the Irish form of the word, pronounced ‘O-wen’ or ‘YO-wen.’ Owen is a Renaissance surname that was predominantly used as a Welsh surname. St. Owen, a well-known Benedictine monk and follower of St. Chad, also has religious roots.

History of National Owen Day

Owen is predominantly a male Irish name that means ‘yew tree’ or ‘youth.’ Owen is typically an anglicized version of the Welsh surname Owain. Owen, originally a patronymic, became a fixed surname in Wales during Henry VIII’s reign. Owen is a Renaissance surname that was predominantly used as a Welsh surname. Saint Owen, a well-known Benedictine monk and follower of St. Chad, also has religious roots.

Owen is a Celtic name that gained popularity in Ireland in the early 1990s and has steadily increased since then. Its appealing nature makes this a simple name to remember. Its endearing quality makes it easy for parents to adore this name as a baby and as their child grows older. The popularity of the name Owen has continued to increase since its peak in 2000.

Owain ap Urien was a 6th Century Welsh prince who heroically battled alongside his father, King Urien of Rheged, against the Angles. Owain’s valor was legendary, and he became the model for one of King Arthur’s renowned knights of the round table. Owen is pronounced ‘o-in,’ ‘o-uhn,’ ‘o-win,’ and ‘o-wuhn.’ The name Owen has been given to numerous mythological heroes because of their great history of valor and nobility.

National Owen Day timeline

6th Century
The Welsh Prince

‘Owain ap Urien,’ a Welsh prince, battles alongside his father.

The early 1990’s
The Name Gains Popularity

The name Owen gains popularity in Ireland.

The Popularity Increase

The name Owen continues to increase in popularity.

The Jurassic World Actor

Owen Grady is the name given to the main character in Jurassic World.

National Owen Day FAQs

Is Owen mentioned in the Bible?

No, it is not mentioned.

Is Owen an English name?

Owen is a name with Welsh and Celtic roots.

Is Owen Irish in any way for John?

It’s a Gaelic variant of the name John.

National Owen Day Activities

  1. Watch Jurassic World

    If you don't have the luxury of planning a fun-filled day, how about unwinding with a movie? Watch Jurassic World, where the main character is your namesake.

  2. Read about Owain ap Urien

    The Welsh prince Owain is a Welsh legend that inspired the round table of King Arthur. Read about his life story and greatest achievements.

  3. Learn about the Benedictine St. Owen

    Your name is carved from the name of a Benedictine monk. Research the religious roots of your name.

5 Interesting Facts About The Name Owen

  1. Owen Isabelle

    Michelle Branch, a singer-songwriter, named her baby Owen Isabelle in 2005.

  2. 212 boys named Owen in 2020

    Owen was the name of one out of every 212 boys and 70,042 girls born in 2020.

  3. 13 people out of 100,000

    For every 100,000 Americans, there are 13 persons named Owen.

  4. Mostly used as a last name

    Owen is almost always used as a last name, 73% of the time.

  5. One of the most popular names

    Owen is number 22 in the most popular boy's name in the U.S.

Why We Love National Owen Day

  1. Names make us distinguishable

    A child's name distinguishes him or her from others. Making it feasible for society to treat and deal with the child as a unique individual with unique needs and feelings.

  2. We feel appreciated

    We feel appreciated and valuable when someone remembers our name after meeting us. It has a beneficial impact on us.

  3. Part of societal history

    An individual becomes a part of society's history when given a name. His or her actions will be distinct from those of others due to their moniker.

National Owen Day dates

2025February 9Sunday
2026February 9Monday
2027February 9Tuesday
2028February 9Wednesday
2029February 9Friday

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