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SunNov 24

National Oliver Day – November 24, 2024

National Oliver Day is celebrated on November 24 each year. It seeks to acknowledge all past and present Olivers worldwide. From before Charles Dickens published his famous book “Oliver Twist,” back to the days of Oliver Cromwell, to our present time, the name ‘Oliver’ has been a subject of interest. The French know it as ‘Olivier,’ while the English popularly stick to Oliver. The name has a controversial origin. However, all accounts point to it having a touch of the Norse language.

History of National Oliver Day

National Oliver Day will have its inaugural celebration in 2022. It aims to celebrate all Olivers worldwide. Although it’s generally a European and American name, people from other continents bear it. It has several variations: Olivier, Olivero, Olivio, Oliwer, and Olley, among others. Lev, Levi, or Ollie are nicknames attributed to the name.

Oliver comes from the Latin word ‘Olivarius,’ which means ‘olive tree planter.’ Another report suggests that it comes from the Nordic word ‘Áleifr’ or the French word ‘Olivier.’ These variations in origin create an air of mystery around the name; each gives it a separate meaning. What’s generally accepted is that the Normans introduced ‘Oliver’ in England, and “Oliver Twist” by Charles Dickens popularized it in the 19th century. Before then, the name was popular in medieval England; however, it drastically reduced in the seventeenth century. Americans began appreciating the name Oliver at the beginning of the twenty-first century. It was among the ‘Top 100 names’ in 2009 and ‘Top 10’ in 2017. It peaked at number three in 2019 and 2020. Oliver has also been a top name in Nordic Sweden, remaining in the ‘Top 10 names’ since 2013.

Nigerian guitarist Oliver De Coque, who released his debut album “Messiah Messiah” in 1977, is a notable bearer of the name in Africa. English mathematician and physicist Oliver Heaviside; American boxer Oliver McCall; American movie director Oliver Stone, who directed the 1983 movie “Scarface”; Nobel Prize winner Oliver Eaton Williamson are some notable European and American bearers of the name.

National Oliver Day timeline

The Signing of a Death Warrant

English General and statesman Oliver Cromwell signs the death warrant for King Charles I.

The Coining of an Electromagnetic Word

English Mathematician and physicist Oliver Heaviside coins the word 'permittance.'

The Making of an Ice Hockey Professional

Canadian ice hockey player Oliver Seibert becomes one of the first players to turn professional.

The World Boxing Championship

American boxer Oliver McCall wins the W.B.C. heavyweight title.

The Nobel Memorial Prize

The great economist, Oliver Williamson, wins the Nobel Memorial Prize in Economics science.

National Oliver Day FAQs

Is 'Oliver' an old-fashioned name?

Oliver grew popular in medieval England, meaning it’s an old name. It still ranks as one of the top boy’s names in many European countries. Thus, its popularity has transcended the ages.

How do you pronounce Oliver?

Oliver is a tri-syllabic word that’s pronounced ‘O-li-ver.’

How do you say Oliver backward?

Oliver spelled backward gives ‘Revilo,’ which is a U.S. and U.K. family name.

National Oliver Day Activities

  1. Post it on social media

    Celebrate National Oliver Day by sharing fun facts about the prominent bearers of Oliver you know on social media. Let the world know it's Oliver's day.

  2. Host a party

    Host all your 'Oliver' acquaintances to a lunch or dinner party. Prepare fun activities to do after lunch or dinner.

  3. Arrange a get-together

    Olivers in a particular town or city can celebrate by arranging an Oliver get-together. Let each Oliver know as many of his namesakes as possible.

5 Facts About Oliver

  1. They have several celebratory days

    Oliver has several name days in seven nations ― April 15, May 22 and 29, July 1 and 7, August 3, and October 2.

  2. Its meaning is controversial

    People widely believe that Oliver means ‘olive tree or peace'; however, some say it has nothing to do with the olive tree or any of its features attributed to the name.

  3. It has a feminine form

    ‘Olivera,’ ‘Olivia,’ or any of their variations by nationality are feminine forms of Oliver.

  4. Diminished in popularity in the seventeenth century

    All thanks to English statesman Oliver Cromwell, the name 'Oliver' saw a drastic drop in popularity in England.

  5. The total number of births

    The Social Security Administration revealed that 14,147 babies were named Oliver in 2020.

Why We Love National Oliver Day

  1. It elevates people's status

    Celebrating National Oliver Day helps to elevate people's statuses. Some Olivers might have long been looking to increase their popularity.

  2. It brings familiarity

    Celebrating National Oliver Day helps to familiarize people of the same name with one another. A get-together for Olivers is a good idea.

  3. It can be fun

    One reason we love to celebrate this day is that it can be fun because there are lots of people bearing the name. Thus, there will be lots of different fun ideas to celebrate it.

National Oliver Day dates

2024November 24Sunday
2025November 24Monday
2026November 24Tuesday
2027November 24Wednesday
2028November 24Friday

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