National Monkey Day – December 14, 2019

Sat Dec 14

National Monkey Day, celebrated December 14, is a day to appreciate primates! Many people like to celebrate the day by going to the zoo and interacting with our fellow primates, but there are plenty of other ways to celebrate, from watching a documentary or film featuring monkeys to donating to a charity that protects monkeys in the wild. So take today to think of their ancestral kindness, then thank your lucky stars you’ve evolved.

National Monkey Day Activities

  1. Make your celebration for a good cause.

    When you have your party you could collect funds to support ethical animal research, primate awareness programs, or preserves for aging primates. Think about all the years Jane Goodall spent studying and protecting your Silverback aunts and uncles. Let your monkey business do some good.

  2. Go to the zoo

    It’s fun to watch the animals we love so much. So head to the zoo to see your distant relatives doing what they do best —monkeying around!

  3. Watch a monkey movie

    From "Curious George" to "King Kong," films and TV shows featuring primates can be fun for the whole family. So find an appropriate film and get watching!

Why We Love National Monkey Day

  1. It’s a great day to monkey around

    Monkey Day was created in 2000 by student artists in college looking for an excuse to party, but it's evolved into so much more. But in case you're inspired by the day's original roots, it's a great excuse to gather your friends together to get wild.

  2. It is a celebration of animal rights

    Monkeys used to be paraded around in diapers or little outfits on TV and taught to play trombones and cymbals. In many places, monkeys are still used for medical research. Now zoos worldwide use Monkey Day as a reason to hold educational events to raise our awareness of simian rights.

  3. Monkeys remind us of the kid in us all

    Acting like a monkey can be a good thing. Remember when you were little and pretended to be a monkey? Forget your inhibitions and foolish pride, pretend you’re a kid again and just have some fun. Monkeys do. So let yourself go.

National Monkey Day dates
2019December 14Saturday
2020December 14Monday
2021December 14Tuesday
2022December 14Wednesday
2023December 14Thursday