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National Max Day – January 21, 2025

We are honoring everyone named Max this National Max Day, celebrated on January 21 every year. If you did not already know, Max is a short and straightforward Latin term derived from the name ‘Maximilian,’ which means ‘greatest.’ Max and Maximilian are both derived from the Roman surname ‘Maximus.’ Maks is how the name Max is pronounced. Although there aren’t many other ways to spell it, you might occasionally see it spelled as Maxx. Though the moniker Max is gender-neutral, the more feminine Maxine is generally used for girls.

History of National Max Day

Max is a boy’s name with a macho connotation. It is a shortened form of Maximilian, Maxim, Maximus, Maxwell in English, Maximos in Greek, or Maxime and Maxence in French.

Since the Classical Era, people have been calling themselves Maximus. It was employed in Ancient Rome as a cognomen, which is often the third name in the Tria Nomina, an Old Roman three-part naming system. Patrician-class men who have excelled are typically given the moniker. The Celtic name Max was introduced to the Celtic Britons during the Roman occupation of England in the 1st century. Saint Maximos the Greek, a 7th-century monk and theologian from Constantinople, was named Maximus. According to the Greek Orthodox Church, the majority of the Max names, except Maximilian, commemorate their name day on January 21 every year. Since the government began collecting naming trends in 1880, the name Max has remained a steady presence on the U.S. name popularity lists.

In 1980, Max, with card-playing buddies, Sam and Jake, went from cigar-chomping grandpa to rosy-cheeked infant. Max has risen to the top of the Social Security List for the first time since 1917 when German-sounding names fell out of favor. For decades, Max has remained a popular celebrity baby name.

National Max Day timeline

Seventh century
The Greek Monk is Given the Name

Saint Maximos, the Greek, a seventh-century monk and theologian from Constantinople, is given the name Maximus.

The Most Popular Boys’ Name

Max is the most popular boy's baby name during this time.

The “Mad Max” Film Series

The title character in the “Mad Max” film series bears this name.

The Name Rebranding

Max goes from a cigar-chomping grandpa to a rosy-cheeked infant name.

National Max Day FAQs

Is Max a Swedish name?

Max has a Latin origin.

What does Max mean in the Bible?

Max is a baby boy name mainly popular in the Christian religion, and its origin is Latin. Max’s meaning in the Bible is ‘The Great.’

Which Max is the most well-known?

Max Weber is the most well-known individual by the name Max.

National Max Day Activities

  1. Watch “Mad Max” in one sitting

    Max is a name that conjures up images of macho males. A good example is the “Mad Max” series. Spend the entire day binge-watching this show.

  2. Create a unique tee

    Something with your name on it is a great way to introduce oneself without speaking. Make a t-shirt with your name on it that you can personalize.

  3. Play the Spot a Name game

    Head out today and play the spot a name game. You can do this with friends and keep a record of the several times you spot, Max. Come up with fascinating rewards for the winner.

5 Interesting Facts About The Name Max

  1. It has been widely used

    The name Max has been used about 96,060 times in the last six decades.

  2. Carlifonia records an all-time high

    The all-time high for this name was 550 newborn boys in California in 2011.

  3. It’s a common boy and girl name

    Max was number 147 among the most common boy names and number 2,505 most popular girl names in the U.S.

  4. The Max name statistics in 2020

    There were 2,463 baby boys called Max in 2020, but only 68 baby girls.

  5. The name is still being used

    Max is the name of one out of every 744 baby boys.

Why We Love National Max Day

  1. It allows people to relate

    Everyone has a unique life purpose, but others will only be able to identify you by your name, which gives you an identity and enables people to relate to you. You have a name that only you have, so I can't call you A or B.

  2. The names act as labels

    Labels are names. Similarly, the names we give to people impact how we think and feel about them.

  3. Names have spiritual connections

    Names are also used to build a connection to God. A person's name is given to establish power over them or to signal a fresh start or direction in their life.

National Max Day dates

2025January 21Tuesday
2026January 21Wednesday
2027January 21Thursday
2028January 21Friday
2029January 21Sunday

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