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National Louis Day – February 10, 2025

People around the world celebrate one of the most widely popular names on National Louis Day on February 10. Louis is one of the most popular names in the world, used in parts of Africa, Europe, and the Americas. The name has been popular amongst kings, emperors, musicians, and artists. From Lou to Louis to Lewis, all Louis of the world deserve a dedicated holiday.

History of National Louis Day

The name Louis is one of the oldest and most popular names in the world. Its popularity nowadays is mainly due to the several existing variations of this name, as well as its adaptation into several cultures. The name Louis also has a feminine counterpart, Louise, which is a popular name in its own right. These two names share a similar root and history, and the same level of popularity.

The name Louis is considered a French and English name despite being popular in other cultures as well. Indeed, the origins of the name Louis are from Old Frankish, the precursor language to modern-day French, spoken mainly by Frankish tribes as well as some West Germanic tribes during the 5th and 6th centuries A.D. Louis is derived from the Germanic name Ludwig.

The name Louis translates to famous warrior. Because of its interesting meaning and definition, the name became very popular amongst heirs, princes, and rulers of the medieval period, as well as Roman emperors and renowned warriors and generals. The most famous example is perhaps Louis XIV, king of France during the mid-17th and early 18th centuries. There is also Louis The Great, one of the most famous historical figures in Hungary, where he ruled during the 14th century.

The name is also famous thanks to Louis Pasteur, who developed the earliest principles of modern vaccination and pasteurization, and Louis Braille, the inventor of the Braille writing system.

National Louis Day timeline

14th Century
Louis the Great

Louis the Great is one of the earliest and greatest rulers of Hungary.

17th Century
Louis XIV

The Sun King is one of the most iconic rulers of France.

Louis Pasteur

French chemist Louis Pasteur develops germ theory.

Luis Figo

The world is enthralled by one of the most talented football players in history.

National Louis Day FAQs

What does the name ‘Louis’ mean?

The name has origins in many languages. However, the name means a famed warrior or soldier.

How many French kings named Louis have there been?

Louis was a favorite name amongst the royals of the period. In France, there have been 16 kings named Louis.

When did Louis Vuitton die?

Louis Vuitton died in 1892 at the age of 71. His son, Georges, took charge of the company until his death.

National Louis Day Activities

  1. Read about their achievements

    From scientists and writers to political leaders and artists, the achievements of people named Louis are diverse and far-reaching in history. Reading about their achievement is not only an engaging experience but also a fun way to learn more about history.

  2. Celebrate with a friend

    The most appropriate way to celebrate National Louis Day is to do so with a friend, preferably someone named Louis. After all, it is their annual celebration. Make sure to make them feel special on this day.

  3. Wish a Lous a happy day

    What good is a celebration if no one celebrates it? To truly celebrate, you can wish a happy National Louis Day to all the people named Louis that you meet. In doing so, you spread the good vibe this celebration brings.

5 Facts About The Name Louis

  1. People named Louis

    According to several statistics, there are around 350,000 people in the U.S. named Louis.

  2. The variations

    Considering the different languages, there are more than 15 different variations of the name Louis, only eight of which are currently in use.

  3. Many languages

    A remarkable feature of the name is that it exists in many languages, but also has origins in many languages.

  4. A favorite of the royals

    Largely due to its meaning, the name Louis was a favorite of the royals in ancient times.

  5. Germanic and Latin origin

    Where most names have either a Latin or a Germanic origin, the name Louis has both.

Why We Love National Louis Day

  1. Louis are fun

    Ask anyone you know! Louis are often the most fun and engaging people you can ever meet. Not only is the name interesting, but there is a certain aura that people named Louis generally carry, which makes this celebration significant.

  2. It’s an interesting name

    From the old tradition behind the name Louis to the different variations throughout history and its continued popularity today, the name Louis is interesting for many reasons. Reading through its history is essentially discovering the history of the world.

  3. Diverse

    The name Louis is present in almost every culture in the world. With its diverse origins, the name has become popular worldwide, making it one of the most culturally diverse masculine names.

National Louis Day dates

2025February 10Monday
2026February 10Tuesday
2027February 10Wednesday
2028February 10Thursday
2029February 10Saturday

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