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MonAug 26

National Logan Day – August 26, 2024

National Logan Day is celebrated on August 26 to uplift, honor, and celebrate the incredible Logans around us. Logan is a beautiful native name from Scotland and is shared by thousands of people. A part of the Gaelic family of words, Logan has evolved from the Gaelic word “lagan” or “lag,” which loosely translates to “hollow.” Now used as a first name and a surname, Logan was initially used as a surname in Scotland. It wasn’t until the 19th Century that Logan was adopted as a first name as well. These days, Logan is immensely popular in almost all English-speaking countries.

History of National Logan Day

Logan is a Scottish name that translates to “Little Hollow.” It comes from the family Gaelic boy names, which include Douglas, Duncan, Finlay, Callum, and Ewan, among others. The Scottish connotation of the name caught the English winds in the 20th century and gained popularity in the entire U.K. But it wasn’t until the late 1970s that Logan sprawled across the pond quickly became a favorite of the North American families.

Although it is primarily associated with boys, Logan has skewed towards a gender-neutral path in the 2000s. Unlike most names, Logan doesn’t come from the scriptures of the ancient kings but from a place in Scotland. It’s from a place called Logan in the snowy trenches of Auchinleck, Ayrshire. The word itself translates to “Hollow,” an apt description of the area. Furthermore, the word is a diminutive of ‘Lag.’

Logan is a popular name, with many takers in the U.S., Canada, England, and Scotland. Its popularity exploded with Hugh Jackman’s portrayal of Wolverine in the superhit X-men series. In the movie “X-Men Origins: Wolverine” (2009), Jackman plays one of the lead characters Logan. It is based on the Marvel Comics fictional character Wolverine. After its 2009 debut and leading up to the 2017 sequel ‘Logan’, the name garnered a fan base of its own. This resulted in its popularity climbing to number five in the U.S.

National Logan Day timeline

The Rise of the Logans

Social Security Database recognizes 13 newborn babies with the name Logan.

The Scotland Whiplash

Logan reaches new highs and becomes the fourth most popular name in Scotland.

The Logan Triumph

Logan becomes the fifth most popular name in the U.S.

The Idaho Craze

Logan completes 35 non-consecutive years as the most popular name in Idaho.

National Logan Day FAQs

Can I name my baby girl Logan?

Logan has historically been attached to men; however, it isn’t unheard of for new parents to name their baby girl Logan.

Is Logan a strong name?

Logan (pronounced: loh-gunn) is a solid-sounding name, thanks to the weightage of the vowel ‘o,’ followed immediately by the consonant ‘g.’

Is Logan a rare name?

Logan is a popular name in English-speaking countries, ranking fifth most popular in the U.S. in 2017.

National Logan Day Activities

  1. Host an X-men marathon

    We can’t end the day without raising a glass to the most influential Logan amongst us. Know someone who shares the same name? Well, invite them over. Share everything you’ve learned about this beautiful Scottish name with them and blow their mind away.

  2. Learn Scottish phrases

    "She's up to high doh,” "You're a wee scunner,” "Don't be a wee clipe," and so on and so forth. Scottish phrases are fun, engaging, and worth a thousand words. This National Logan Day, deepen your respect and appreciation for the beautiful Scottish culture by picking up a phrase or two and throwing it around.

  3. Visit Scotland

    Spring and autumn months are a great time to visit Scotland. Head to the ‘Land of Cakes’ and witness the beauty of snow-covered highlands, the gorgeous countryside, and castles that touch the clouds.

5 Fictional Men Named Logan That Do Not Spark Joy

  1. Logan Delos in the television series Westworld

    The annoying antagonist and the arrogant mastermind couldn’t help but fail upwards.

  2. Logan Huntzberger a character in Gilmore Girls

    Manipulative millionaire and the reason behind Rory’s ultimate downfall.

  3. Logan Echolls in Veronica Mars

    Hostile, snarky, and unstable character who never deserved Veronica Mars.

  4. Logan Reese of the sitcom Zoey 101

    Inappropriate, meddling, spoilt, and unaware.

  5. Logan Cale of the sci-fi Dark Angel

    Non-committal, unprofessional, and an overall bad ethical hacker.

Why We Love National Logan Day

  1. It celebrates the Scottish culture

    Is shortbread the most significant contribution of Scotland to mankind? Or is it whiskey? We believe it is the name Logan, inspired not by any considerable culture of religious text but by a place in Scotland.

  2. We love our Wolverine

    Hugh Jackman’s portrayal of Logan has mainly contributed to the 2010s boom of the name’s popularity. On August 26, we celebrate the legacy of Logan and Wolverine, who ranks fourth on IGN Entertainment's 2011 Top 100 Comic Book Heroes of All Times.

  3. Logans are admirable, ambitious, and noble

    Many great qualities are attached to the name Logan. Logans are perceived as generous, compassionate, and aware. They are often seen as maternal/paternal figures in a group. You can count on them for support.

National Logan Day dates

2024August 26Monday
2025August 26Tuesday
2026August 26Wednesday
2027August 26Thursday
2028August 26Saturday

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