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ThuAug 8

National Liam Day – August 8, 2024

National Liam Day falls on August 8. Liam is an Irish name meaning ‘protector’ and ‘strong-willed warrior.’ It is a contracted version of the Irish name ‘Uilliam,’ which, in turn, came from the Frankish name ‘Willahelm.’ The merging of two Old German elements — ‘willa’ (‘will’ or ‘resolution’) and ‘helma’ (‘helmet’) — created the name ‘Willahelm,’ meaning ‘helmet of will’ or ‘guardian.’ When the Frankish Empire was divided, the name evolved differently in each province. In the Northern region of the Empire, Willahelm morphed first into ‘Willelm’ and then into ‘Willaume’ in Norman and Picard. It transformed into ‘Guillaume’ in Ile-de-France French. Today, people use Liam as a fun, modern alternative to the traditional boy name ‘William.’

History of National Liam Day

Even though the names ‘Willahelm’ and ‘Guillaume’ were well-known in England before 1066, they were still viewed as foreign names. The Norman Conquest affected English names, leading to most Saxon names dying out under the massive inflow of French ones. At this time, the Royal Court bore names such as Alain, Reginald, Guy, and William. They were quickly taken up by the English, the Welsh, and eventually the Irish.

Within a generation, these new names had become so completely assimilated that they were regarded as homegrown. Different forms evolved and thrived simultaneously. In Wales, both William and Gwilym became trendy, in addition to the short forms ‘Wil’ and ‘Gwil,’ with most villages having their own Gwilym Williams.

Liam gained massive popularity in the U.S. in the 1990s and the trend seems to be growing rapidly around the world. However, in the United Kingdom, the opposite rang true. There, the name was in fashion before 1996 but its popularity has been diminishing since then.

The name ‘Liam’ has variations in other countries. These include ‘Guillem’ in Catalan, ‘Wilhelmus’ in Dutch, ‘Vilhelm’ in Finland, ‘Ulick’ in Irish, ‘Guilherme’ in Portuguese, and ‘Gwilym,’ ‘Gwil,’ or ‘Gwilim’ in Welsh.

No saint bore the name ‘Liam.’ There were, however, several saints in history by the name of William. The most popular of them was St. William of Gellone, also known as William of Aquitaine. He was a warrior, a nobleman, and a monk. St. William is remembered for joining his cousin Charlemagne to fight in defense of Christianity. His feast day is observed on the day of his death, May 28.

National Liam Day timeline

June 7, 1952
A Star is Born

Liam Neeson, the popular Irish actor, is born William John Neeson.

Into the Limelight

Liam Hemsworth makes his major official debut in “Knowing,” where he plays the role of an M.I.T. student.

A Popular Band is Formed

Liam Payne is put into a group with four other “The X Factor” contestants to form the boy band One Direction.

In Defense of Horse Carriages

Neeson protests against New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio's anti-horse carriage campaign.

National Liam Day FAQs

How many Liams are there in the world?

It is estimated that there are about 250,000 Liams in the world.

What does Liam mean in Hebrew?

The Hebrew meaning of Liam is ‘determined guardian.’

What is a good middle name for Liam?

Asher, Arthur, Knox, Bennett, Ashton, Mason, and Blake are a few of the names that go well with Liam.

National Liam Day Activities

  1. Dive into history

    Learn more about the name ‘Liam.’ Go as far back in time as you can and see what interesting facts you can dig up.

  2. Name your baby

    Are you expecting a baby boy and looking for a good name? Liam would be a great one to give your little one.

  3. Hug a Liam

    If there are any Liams in your life, give them a heartfelt hug. Gifting them would be a fantastic bonus.

5 Facts About ‘Liam’ That Will Surprise You

  1. Saying Liam is easy

    Liam is a relatively straightforward Irish name to pronounce, unlike most others.

  2. Liam is Canada's favorite

    Liam has been the most popular boy's name in Canada since 2013.

  3. Liam is also loved in America

    According to the Social Security Administration, Liam was the second most popular name for boys in the U.S. in 2013.

  4. Payne’s journey began in a contest

    In 2008, Payne auditioned for Season Five of “The X Factor” at only 14 years old.

  5. Hemsworth’s movie gets recognition

    In 2020, Hemsworth's series "Most Dangerous Game," received a Primetime Emmy nomination for Best Short Form Comedy or Drama Series.

Why We Love National Liam Day

  1. We celebrate famous people

    From actors to singers, to radio presenters, to athletes, to writers named Liam, this day recognizes them. We celebrate their lives and achievements.

  2. We learn history

    The name ‘Liam’ has a rich history. On this day we learn more about its origins up until the present usage.

  3. We eat cake

    National Liam Day is a time to party. We eat cake and raise a glass in honor of all Liams around the globe.

National Liam Day dates

2024August 8Thursday
2025August 8Friday
2026August 8Saturday
2027August 8Sunday
2028August 8Tuesday

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