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WedNov 27

National Lawrence Day – November 27, 2024

National Lawrence Day is celebrated every year on November 27. Today, people come together to praise and appreciate every person in the world named Lawrence! Lawrence is a variation of the name Laurence. This is a name of Latin origin, which means “from the city of Laurentum,” but gained popularity for being the name of a famous saint. The most popular variants of Lawrence include Lorens, Lars, Lorenzo, and Lauren, a feminine form of the name.

History of National Lawrence Day

Lawrence’s are found primarily in English-speaking areas, such as England, the United States, and Australia. Its popularity has also risen significantly in New Zealand.

Most people would describe Lawrence as a name that gives off classic and mature energy and a formal name with a touch of refined value. Many famous personalities in history carry the name, such as Roman Catholic saint Lawrence of Rome, musician and television host Lawrence Welk, and Google co-founder Larry Page.

The name Lawrence is also found in fiction. In the film “School of Rock,” a student is called Lawrence, and in the soap-opera “Days of Our Lives,” a lawyer is called Lawrence. This is also the name of Phineas and Ferb’s stepfather in the Disney Channel cartoon. It is estimated that nearly 272,000 Americans are named Lawrence, which means that there are almost 86 Lawrences for every 100,000 Americans. It has also been ranked the 191st most popular name in the United States.

National Lawrence Day timeline

225 A.D.
Lawrence of Rome

The saint is thought to have been born this year.

Lawrence Welk

The musician becomes the host of “The Lawrence Welk Show.”

Larry Page

The computer scientist helps start what is now the biggest search engine, Google.

Lawrence, the Character

The show “Phineas and Ferb” features a character named Lawrence and first airs on the Disney Channel.

National Lawrence Day FAQs

Is Larry Page a billionaire?

His net worth is estimated to be around $105 billion. He is still a member of the Alphabet board of directors, an employee, and a majority shareholder. Google’s creation resulted in a tremendous quantity of cash.

What did Lawrence Welk always say?

“Wunnerful, wunnerful!” was Welk’s slogan, and “Ah one, and ah two, and ah…” was his song introduction. The show’s music included polka melodies, novelty songs, and big band standards.

What happened to Saint Lawrence?

A prefect requested that Lawrence be killed slowly to make him suffer more. The saint was strapped to a gridiron over a slow fire and was burned alive.

National Lawrence Day Activities

  1. Write a letter

    You definitely know someone named Lawrence, whether they are one of your close friends or a famous figure. So why not write them a personalized letter, showing them all of your appreciation?

  2. Design a card

    It’s okay if you’re not that good with words. You can always choose to express your love by designing your own card! Sharpen those colored pencils and get your scissors ready to make a beautiful card for that special Lawrence in your life.

  3. Shout out to a famous Lawrence

    Don’t have anyone in your circle named Lawrence? Give a shout-out to a famous Lawrence on social media!

5 Important People Named Lawrence You Should Know About

  1. Lawrence Taylor

    Taylor is a retired professional football player who played his whole career with the New York Giants of the National Football League as an outside linebacker.

  2. Lawrence Hargrave

    Hargrave was an Australian engineer, explorer, astronomer, inventor, and aviation pioneer born in the United Kingdom — his contributions included research on curved aerofoils, notably designs with a thicker leading edge, the box kite, and work on the rotary engine, which powered many early flying machines until around 1920.

  3. Lawrence Joel

    Joel was a U.S. Army soldier who saw action in both the Korean and Vietnam Wars — he was awarded the Silver Star and the Medal of Honor for his bravery in combat with the Viet Cong while serving in South Vietnam as a medic with the rank of specialist five.

  4. Lawrence Bossidy

    Bossidy is a retired businessman and novelist from the United States — he was the CEO of AlliedSignal in the 1990s after spending more than 30 years with General Electric in various management capacities.

  5. Lawrence Wackett

    Wackett is known as the "Father of the Australian Air Force" — he has been recognized as one of the most influential men in Australian aviation history, having worked in every facet of the industry: as a pilot, an airframe and engine designer, an entrepreneur, and a manager.

Why We Love National Lawrence Day

  1. It’s all about Lawrence

    We love expressing our fondness for those around us! When it comes to Lawrence, it’s no different! This day gets us all together for Lawrence's sake, and we love that!

  2. Special appreciation

    We don’t need a specific day to show appreciation, right? But it’s nice to get a special day to remember and give love to every Lawrence around the globe!

  3. A second birthday

    Celebrating your name day means double the gifts you receive every year for simply being yourself! It’s like celebrating your birthday a second time annually!

National Lawrence Day dates

2024November 27Wednesday
2025November 27Thursday
2026November 27Friday
2027November 27Saturday
2028November 27Monday

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