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TueOct 22

National Lauren Day – October 22, 2024

National Lauren Day takes place on October 22 every year. Lauren is a popular girl’s name that has its roots in French and is commonly associated with the traits of wisdom. The name was previously a predominantly male name, as it is ‌a variation of the names Laurence and Laurent, and the surname Laurentius. It garnered popularity as a female name in the 20th century because of American actress Lauren Bacall. The name was once ranked among the top 10 popular names in the United States, however, it steadily declined and is currently sitting at 232 of the most popular girl’s names. Lauren is unranked for popular boys’ names today.

History of National Lauren Day

The name Lauren is derived from the masculine French name Laurence, which itself originates from Latin. In Latin, Laurence, or Laurentius, translates to “person from Laurentum,” the ancient Roman city that was considered the first capital of the Latins. Due to its historical significance, Laurentius became a common name in ancient Rome and the eras that followed.

The name Laurentius is believed to have derived from the Latin word ‘laurus,’ which means ‘laurel.’ Due to the laurel being a symbol of wisdom and triumph, its associated names have evolved to convey these meanings. Lauren has also been used as a boy’s name, albeit less frequently, even in this relatively modern age.

The feminine Lauren‌ is considered to be a recent mutation of the original name. The popularity of the name has been accepted, particularly in the United States, to stem from the popularity of actress Lauren Bacall. In the 1940s, Bacall rose to prominence in Hollywood with films such as “To Have or Have Not.” Statisticians note that Bacall’s success propelled the name out of obscurity and has since been linked to her on-screen personality of poise, grace, and wittiness.

Coming from its popularity in the 1940s through to the 1970s, Lauren, as a name, reached peak popularity in the 1980s and 1990s, consistently remaining in the American top 25 until 2006. It remains a fairly desirable name despite its relative decline in use. Other variations of Lauren are used in various cultures, such as Laurentia (Romanian), Laurens (Dutch), Lorena (Latin American), and Lorens (Swedish). Popular alternatives include Laura, Laurena, Laurie, Loren, and Lauryn. Lauren is a more preferred name for some than Laura, because of its gentler, more feminine connotations. It is also prominent as a surname.

National Lauren Day timeline

A Star is Born

Legendary Italian-American actress Sophia Loren is born.

Lauren Bacall Makes Her Debut

American actress Bacall makes her debut opposite Humphrey Bogart in “To Have or Have Not.”

The Fashion World is Taken By Storm

American fashion designer Ralph Lauren establishes his famous self-named fashion brand.

Over the Hill

Reality television personality Lauren Conrad makes her debut in the series “The Hills.”

Ponies to Last Forever

American animator Lauren Faust creates the widely popular television series “My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.”

National Lauren Day FAQs

Is Lauren a popular name?

Whilst its mainstream popularity has declined in the 21st century, Lauren is still a preferable name for girls.

Is Lauren a unique name?

Lauren, as a name, is chosen mainly because of its classical, graceful character, but has seen its popularity dip in recent times. In the United States, only one out of 1,380 baby girls was named Lauren. However, this does not consider its various alternatives.

What type of person is a Lauren?

When people hear the name Lauren, they usually think of someone strong, powerful, and independent. It is perceived that people with the name ‌radiate a confident, unassuming aura that helps them excel in every practice they undertake.

National Lauren Day Activities

  1. Show your appreciation for a Lauren

    Tell a Lauren in your life how much they mean to you. You can call, hang out, or spend time with them. After all, National Lauren Day is their day, so let’s make it special.

  2. Watch a Lauren at their best

    Take in the work of famous Laurens of the past and present. For Lauren Bacall fans, “To Have or Have Not” and “How to Marry a Millionaire” are our picks! For the kids, Lauren Faust’s “My Little Pony” series is acclaimed for its smart humor and whimsical illustrations.

  3. Wear a Lauren

    If you’re into fashion, you probably own something made by Ralph Lauren. His brand is so well-known that even those without knowledge of fashion may own a piece of his work.

5 Interesting Facts About Laurens

  1. The name sounds catchier...

    Ralph Lauren’s real last name is Lifshitz.

  2. A laurel of civil tights

    John Laurens, an American statesman, is best remembered for his vehement opposition to slavery and for encouraging slaves to join the fight for their freedom.

  3. An overlooked talent

    Despite her stellar career and iconic status in Hollywood, Lauren Bacall never won an Academy Award.

  4. A soul queen gets her due

    American soul artist Lauryn Hill was the first woman to receive 10 Grammy nominations and took five awards in 1999.

  5. A record-breaking Lauren

    The largest modeling contract in history was signed by American model Lauren Hutton with the skincare company Revlon in 1973 — she received $250,000 for 20 days of work.

Why We Love National Lauren Day

  1. The name is a symbol of grace

    Lauren is a name that symbolizes victory, class, and wisdom. It is the ideal name for parents who want their children to grow up and become strong, smart individuals. Hence, today we honor the name and all it stands for.

  2. It appreciates all Laurens of the world

    All the Laurens in the world, past and present, dead and alive, close and far, have impacted lives‌. They may be a trusted friend who listens to you, a mother who raised you, or a boss who fights for you. Today, we celebrate and appreciate them!

  3. Famous Laurens have set examples we can all follow

    Most of the famous Laurens, female or male, are renowned for their grace and poise in excelling in their respective professions. Bacall dominated the silver screen, Ralph dominated the runways, and Conrad influenced the trajectory of reality television. They did it on their own terms and helped associate the name with being bold and independent.

National Lauren Day dates

2024October 22Tuesday
2025October 22Wednesday
2026October 22Thursday
2027October 22Friday
2028October 22Sunday

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