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SunOct 20

National Lane Day – October 20, 2024

People throughout the world commemorate National Lane Day on October 20. The surname Lane is a renamed English surname with English, French, and Irish roots. Three different etymological origins are postulated for the name. One says that Lane comes from the Old English word ‘lanu,’ which means ‘way,’ or ‘lane.’ Second, the surname could be derived from the French word ‘laine,’ which means ‘wool’ and refers to a person who worked in the wool industry. Finally, Lane could be derived from the Irish-Gaelic ‘O’Luain,’ which means ‘warrior descendant.’

History of National Lane Day

The surname Lane has English, French, and Irish ancestry. It also has three unique probable origins. It could’ve been derived from the Old English word ‘lanu.’ The most likely original connotation was a narrow pathway between fences or hedges. It was later extended to refer to any short corridor, even one between buildings in a town. Lane may have alternatively been adopted after the Invasion of 1066 as an occupational name for a wool worker, derived from the Old French word ‘laine’ meaning ‘wool.’

It also could have come from an Anglicized variant of two Gaelic Irish surnames: ‘O’Laighin,’ which means ‘spear descendent,’ and ‘O’Luain,’ which means ‘warrior descendant.’ Irish surnames are frequently prefixed by “O,” which means grandson or male descendent of, or ‘Mac,’ which means ‘son of,’ and are derived from the chiefs of tribes, renowned elders, or some illustrious warrior.

Recorded spellings come in many forms, such as Loan, Lane, Lain, and Layne. The first documented spelling of the surname was that of Ralph de la Lane, who was mentioned in the “Pipe Rolls of Kent” in 1176, during the reign of King Henry II, who reigned from 1154 to 1189. The names Osbertus in Lane of the county of Surrey in 1212, Adam Ithelane of Bedfordshire in 1227, and Nicholas atte Lone of Worcestershire in 1275 are examples of early recordings of the surname derived from the Old English ‘lanu.’

National Lane Day timeline

7th Century
Old English

Early recordings of the surname are derived from the Old English ‘lanu.’

First Documented Spelling

The first documented spelling of the surname “Ralph de la Lane,” is mentioned in the "Pipe Rolls of Kent."

Lane of Surrey

Osbertus in Lane of the county of Surrey is recorded.

Popularity Ranking

Lane ranks at number 246 in popularity among baby names in the U.S.

National Lane Day FAQs

What is Lane's nationality?

The nationality is Irish.

How common is the surname Lane in Britain?

Lane is a surname that is shared by one in 1,579 persons.

Is Lane a gender-neutral name?

Yes, it is.

National Lane Day Activities

  1. Order cake

    Order your favorite cake with your name printed on it and dig in. Today is the day to indulge.

  2. Bake cookies

    If a cake is too expensive, order or bake some cookies spelling out your name. Enjoy it with a glass of milk.

  3. Share online

    Remember to share your name appreciation day on your social media accounts. Ask for people bearing the same name to mention it in the comments.

5 Interesting Facts About The Name Lane

  1. 182nd

    Lane is the 182nd most frequent surname in the United States.

  2. Lane population

    An estimated 134,298 individuals bear the name Lane.

  3. First record

    The first time the surname Lane was written down was in the 12th century.

  4. 144th

    The surname Lane is the 144th most popular in the United States.

  5. 61 in 100,000

    For every 100,000 Americans, there are 61 persons named Lane.

Why We Love National Lane Day

  1. It’s an opportunity to indulge

    There are so many delicious options to celebrate this day. Start by celebrating with a dinner for your favorite Lane!

  2. It’s a double celebration

    You have two days a year that are unique to you! While your birthday is significant, your name day is equally so. Both may even come on the same day, making it a double celebration day.

  3. Names are special

    Being granted a name at birth that only belongs to you is a sign of true love by your family. Delve into the history of your name on this day.

National Lane Day dates

2024October 20Sunday
2025October 20Monday
2026October 20Tuesday
2027October 20Wednesday
2028October 20Friday

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