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WedMay 22

National Julie Day – May 22, 2024

Julie is such a lovely name that we can’t help but be excited to celebrate National Julie Day, which takes place on May 22. Julie has old, deep roots still relevant today. That makes Julie a timeless name and requires the celebration of this day to be just as classic. It’s not the English-speaking bunch that thinks so — Julie is a very popular name in most European countries too, coming in at number four in Belgium in 2005. It appears frequently in popular baby name lists in Hungary, Norway, and Spain, to name a few countries.

History of National Julie Day

According to historians, Julie could have Latin roots. They think the name stemmed from the Latin Julia, the female version of the old-world Roman name Julius, which in all probability is a derivation of the ancient Roman family name Julianus. The name Julianus often commanded respect during those times, as it belonged to the most prominent and famous family in ancient Rome with ties to royalty, since Marcus Didius Julianus was actually a Roman emperor (although he reigned only for nine weeks).

No one can confirm where Julianus came from, although sources could be the Latin name ‘iuvenis,’ which means ‘youthful,’ the Greek word ‘ioulos,’ which means “downy-bearded,” or even ‘Jovis’ or ‘Jove,’ both names for the Roman god Jupiter. The latter name is probably why even “Julie” is now associated with the meaning “sky father,” something Jupiter used to be called.

By the Middle Ages, the fascination with the names Julie and Julius had almost completely vanished. It saw a revival in Italy and France only during the Renaissance (that is, the 14th up to 17th centuries). France, in particular, adopted this name completely. The name was on its top 100 baby names list for years but became less popular by the 20th century. Usage nearly disappeared from the 1940s to the 1970s. It gained its former prestige when it became the 17th most popular name in 2006.

Julie was in the ‘top 100’ of the baby name list in the U.S. for 40 consecutive years from 1951 to 1991, peaking at number 10 in 1971. While this chart-topping name has seen some decline in popularity in recent years, particularly in favor of versions like Juliette and Julia, the name Julie continues to be chosen by parents looking for an elegant, timeless, pretty name for their children.

National Julie Day timeline

Julie is Used Outside of French Literature

In Swedish playwright, August Strindberg’s tragic fairy tale “Fröken Julie” (or “Miss Julie”), the name appears for the first time outside of traditional French literary works.

October 1, 1935
A Legend is Born

A child who will grow up to be one of the most prolific actors, singers, and authors of her generation in Hollywood — Julie Andrews — is born Julia Wells.

August 7, 2009
“Julie and Julia” is Based on a Blog

Real-life New Yorker Julie Powell’s book about her blog is turned into a Hollywood movie titled “Julie and Julia,” which is also the first major motion picture based on a blog.

September 7, 2013
Australia Appoints a Minister Named Julie

Julie Bishop is appointed Australia’s Minister for Foreign Affairs.

National Julie Day FAQs

Is Julie a rare name?

Julie is a common name given to girls. It means ‘youthful,’ ‘soft-haired,’ ‘vivacious,’ and ‘beautiful.’

What does Julie mean, personality-wise?

Julie means someone who is expressive, cheerful, creative, and outgoing.

Is Julie a unisex name?

Julie is most commonly a name for females, but it has been known to cross the gender divide, especially with French names.

National Julie Day Activities

  1. Share the “Julie” love

    Give all the Julies in your life some extra love and attention on this day. Share with them why you find their name so special.

  2. Turn it into a word game

    Take the celebrations up a notch by using the name Julie in a word game. Make as many words out of it as you can in 30 seconds.

  3. Read about the lives of other Julies

    Whether it’s Julie Bowen of “Modern Family” fame or Julie Billiart, a Roman Catholic saint and founder of the Congregation of the Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur, there are many interesting people named “Julie” whose lives are worth reading about. Head to the library or visit an online store to find out more about your favorite Julie.

5 “Julie-ful” Facts About This Cool Name

  1. Five million babies were named Julie

    The S.S.A. public database says that between 1880 and 2018, more than 5,09,862 babies named Julie were born in the U.S., which is more than the population of the Maldives in 2019 (per the U.N. World Population Prospects).

  2. Julie is a variant

    Julie is the most common French, Dutch, Czech, and Norwegian variant of the more common Julia.

  3. There are other pet forms of Julie

    Julie, which is the feminine form of Julius, can be a pet form of Julia, Yulie, and Juliette.

  4. Some Frenchmen are named Julie

    Julie is also a name given to French males, although it is usually their second or third name.

  5. Julia has been in the ‘top 100’ too

    Julia has also consistently appeared in lists of the ‘top 100’ names since 1980.

Why We Love National Julie Day

  1. It’s a name for everyone

    This classic name is perfect for people of all ages, groups, and cultures. It crosses language barriers too, and can easily be an English-speaking, French-speaking, or even Spanish-speaking person’s name.

  2. It’s known to be universally “pretty”

    The name is not just a classic. It has also long been associated with the words ‘pretty’ and ‘beautiful.’

  3. It has inspired so many songs

    Both contemporary and older songs have prominently featured Julie in their lyrics. Who can forget Cher’s iconic ‘Julie,’ Bobby Sherman’s ‘Julie, Do Ya Love Me,’ and Shakin’ Stevens’ ‘Oh Julie?’ And these are just the tip of the musical iceberg.

National Julie Day dates

2024May 22Wednesday
2025May 22Thursday
2026May 22Friday
2027May 22Saturday
2028May 22Monday

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