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SatDec 7

National Judith Day – December 7, 2024

National Judith Day is a fun holiday that takes place on December 7 every year. The day is used as an opportunity to show appreciation for the people around the world named Judith. Judith is a feminine given name that originates from the Hebrew name ‘Yehudit,’ which means ‘woman of Judea.’ The name Judith appears in the Bible in the Old Testament as one of Esau’s wives. Judith is a common name in English, French, German, Scandinavian, Dutch, and Hebrew languages. The Eritrean version of the name is ‘Yodit.’

History of National Judith Day

National Judith Day is celebrated as a way to honor the women who go by the name Judith. Between the years 1936–1956, Judith was among the top 50 most popular given names for girls born in the United States. The popularity of the name has declined since then. By the year 2012, it had become one of the most popular names for baby girls born in the United States, coming in place at 893. Judith is an old name from the Bible, with the Hebrew version, ‘Yehudit’ meaning ‘Jewess’ or ‘woman from Judea.’

The story is recorded in the Book of Judith in the Apocrypha. The story of Judith is filled with tragedy, determination and triumph, sex, lies, and murder. The story of Judith takes place at the time of Nebuchadnezzar’s Babylonian conquest of Assyria. Judith is described as the wealthy widow of Manassas. She was said to have a goodly countenance and was very beautiful to behold.

Judith was more brave and faithful than her fellow compatriots. She marched courageously to Holofernes’ tent while the soldiers in his camp were captivated by her beauty. She flirted with the general and gained his trust and confidence. Judith joined Holofernes at a banquet where he consumed more wine than normal. Holofernes lay passed out in his tent and Judith then took his sword and beheaded him. Judith carried the head of the enemy back to her city, which inspired the Jews into a victorious battle.

National Judith Day timeline

Judith of Bavaria Dies

A Frankish queen named Judith of Bavaria dies.

Judith of Flanders is Born

Judith of Flanders, the Princess of the Carolingian Franks, Queen of Wessex, and Countess of Flanders is born.

Judith of Schweinfurt is Born

Judith of Schweinfurt, the wife of Bretislaus I of Bohemia is born.

Zewditu is Born

Zewditu, the queen of Ethiopia whose name is sometimes erroneously Anglicized as ‘Judith’ is born.

National Judith Day FAQs

Who is Judith Keppel?

Judith Cynthia Aline Keppel was the first person to win one million pounds on the show “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?”

Who is Judith T. Lessler?

Judith T. Lessler is an American statistician who is an expert on survey methodology.

Who is Judith Krantz?

Judith Krantz was a fashion editor and magazine writer.

National Judith Day Activities

  1. Share the holiday

    Share National Judith day with the people around you. They can share in the fun online or in person.

  2. Greet a Judith

    You can participate in the holiday by reaching out to someone you know named Judith. Check on your friends' list on social media.

  3. Get a gift

    You can get someone named Judith a nice gift to show your appreciation for the person. This will surely make their day.

5 Interesting Facts About Judiths Around The World

  1. Judith Babirye is a politician

    Judith Babirye is a Ugandan politician.

  2. Judith Eva Barsi acted

    Judith Eva Barsi started as an American child actress.

  3. Judith Pamela Butler is a philosopher

    Judith Pamela Butler is a philosopher whose work has influenced political philosophy.

  4. Judith Durham is a singer

    Judith Durham is an Australian singer who became the lead singer of the Seekers.

  5. Judith Adele Finnigan is a writer

    Judith Adele Finnigan is an English writer.

Why We Love National Judith Day

  1. Judith is a lovely name

    Judith is considered to be a really lovely female name around the world. Get to know someone called Judith.

  2. Judith is feminine

    Judith is a name that is not gender ambiguous. It is considered to be a feminine name.

  3. Judith is international

    Judith is a name that can be recognized around the world. There are different variations of the name in different languages.

National Judith Day dates

2024December 7Saturday
2025December 7Sunday
2026December 7Monday
2027December 7Tuesday
2028December 7Thursday

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