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FriSep 13

National Juan Day – September 13, 2024

National Juan Day is celebrated on September 13. The name Juan, having Spanish origins can also be traced to the Hebrew word ‘Yehanan,’ a short form of ‘Yehohanan,’ derived from ‘yehōhānān’ which means ‘Yahweh or God is gracious.’ Juan Carlos I, the former King of Spain, and Spanish explorer Juan Ponce de Leon, who journeyed across the Atlantic Ocean and was also Puerto Rico’s first governor, are all noteworthy bearers of the name. Juan is well-known thanks to references like Don Juan and San Juan.

History of National Juan Day

This popular Spanish variant of John means “God is generous” or “God’s gift.” Juan, derived from the Hebrew form and “John” in English, can be easily linked to various saints, apostles, commoners, and monarchs.

Juan is a popular choice in Spain and many Spanish-speaking countries around the world, including the Philippines, but it is pronounced differently. Juanito is the diminutive form, which is the Spanish equivalent of Johnny. This classic biblical name denotes strength, intelligence, and charity, and is arguably one of the most well-known Christian names. Juana, the feminine form, is similar to Joan, Jane, or Joanna.

After the First Crusade in the 1000s, Eastern Christians in the Byzantine Empire reintroduced Juan to Western Europeans. It spread across Europe in diverse forms, despite its Spanish origins.

In 2009, the infant name Juan was ranked number 28 in Spain and also highly rated in Mexico when combined with other first names. The name Juan has been used in the United States since 1880. The use of Juan as a baby name increased by about 113.48% in 1990, boosting its popularity index.

Juan was the name given to 6,738 newborns in 2021, accounting for about 0.2% of all baby boys born in the United States during the year. According to Social Security Administration data, Juan has experienced a decline in popularity despite holding a strong position in the list of top 100 names from the 2000 to 2015 period.

National Juan Day timeline

Juan Enters the Charts

Juan enters the American popularity charts for the first time.

Usage Improves

Juan’s popularity index rises with increased usage.

Juan Enters the Top 100 Chart

It finally becomes one of the top 100 most popular boy’s names.

1990 — 2000
Juan Reaches Record Highs

Juan’s popularity peaks.

National Juan Day FAQs

Is Juan a unisex name?

Juan belongs to the gender-neutral unisex names.

What is a good nickname for Juan?

Here are some nickname ideas for people named Juan: Juanie, Juani, Juany, Juju, Ju, and Juanito.

Is Juan a good name for a pet?

Juan is a mono-syllabic name, making it short and catchy, which is excellent for a pet’s name. Even better is that it’s not the most common name, so your pet will surely stand out. If you’re a fan of the name, you should go ahead and use it!

National Juan Day Activities

  1. Research famous Juans

    Juan Day is a fantastic opportunity to get to know famous Juans. Put your research skills to use and you just might learn a thing or two.

  2. Use the name

    Why not name a child or even a pet Juan? With personality traits like strength, confidence, and a pioneering spirit, you’ll be setting them up for an exciting life.

  3. Share the holiday on social media

    Create awareness for this name day by sharing quotes from famous Juans or facts about the day. Get people talking about the name.

5 Interesting Facts About Juans

  1. Two for one

    In Mexico, Juan is paired with other names to make names like Juan Carlos, Juan Pablo, Juan José, and Juan Diego.

  2. Unruly behavior

    Juans aren’t fans of taking orders.

  3. Thrill seekers

    They tend to get bored easily and will jump to another project if they don’t feel challenged.

  4. Pioneers

    Juans are generally enthusiastic and have a pioneering spirit.

  5. Erratic

    They have intensely active personalities, but they have a reputation for being starters rather than finishers.

Why We Love National Juan Day

  1. Creating a legacy

    Many parents are inspired by prominent individuals who gain respect and recognition and cement their names in the history books. These people create a legacy from which we can celebrate special days such as this one.

  2. Juans make great leaders

    Juans have tough personalities as leaders; they can be strong and competitive. They are willing to take action and bear risks.

  3. Recognizing the importance of names

    Names are the foundation of our identities. This holiday allows us to reflect on the role our names play in our lives as well as understand their symbolism.

National Juan Day dates

2024September 13Friday
2025September 13Saturday
2026September 13Sunday
2027September 13Monday
2028September 13Wednesday

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