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SunJul 14

National Joey Day – July 14, 2024

Every year National Joey Day takes place on July 14. National Joey Day aims to celebrate everyone who is named Joey. It is also a day to recognize any famous people, movies, bands, shows, or characters that may be associated with the name. Joey is an English unisex name that is given to both females and males. It can be the short form for some of the following names: Joseph, Joel, Josiah, Joshua, Josephine, Joanna, Joanne, or Joan but it also works very well as a stand-alone name and is often used as such.

History of National Joey Day

Joey is of English and Hebrew origin, it is commonly used as the short form for Joseph, which comes from the Hebrew ‘Yosef’ via the Greek ‘Iosephos’ and the Latin ‘Iosephu.’ It means ‘God will give.’ The origin of a word and the historical development of its meaning also alludes to loyalty and love.

Joseph, used in its Greek form as ‘Yosef’ can be traced back to the Old Testament in the Bible where Yosef is the favored 11th son of Jacob. One of the most famous stories about Yosef is when he is sold into slavery by his jealous brothers. The name Joseph, as it is in its Greek form, is also found in the New Testament. Joseph is the Virgin Mary’s carpenter husband and Jesus’ earthly father.

Joseph is a classic name and has maintained its popularity over many years. It is a great name because it gives the bearer the option of using the more professional and classic name Joseph or the more casual option of Joey. According to the Social Security Administration, Joseph has, throughout the last century, ranked as a top-25 baby name for boys in the United States. Joseph was extremely popular in the early 1900s and held a top 10 spot for many years. It fell out of the top 10 in the 1930s. Since then Joseph has continued to rank in the teens.

Famous Josephs and Joeys include Joseph, Jesus’s father, Joey Tribiani who is one of the six central characters in the popular American sitcom “Friends,” and Uncle Joey Gladstone who is a character from the television sitcom “Full House.” Famous people who go by the name Joe include singer Joe Jonas, Joe Rogan, and American President Joe Biden.

National Joey Day timeline

Top 10 in Social Security Administration

The name Joseph enters the Social Security Administration list in a top 10 spot and holds it from 1900 to 1935.

Most Popular Year for Joseph

Joseph is ranked number five and makes up 2.6% of male births in the U.S.

“Friends” Airs on Television

The sitcom “Friends” airs on television and introduces us to the character Joey Tribiani.

“Dawson's Creek” Airs on Television

“Dawson's Creek” airs on television and we are introduced to Katie Holmes’ character Joey Potter.

January 20, 2021
Joe Biden Becomes President

Joe Biden is inaugurated as the 46th president of the United States.

National Joey Day FAQs

Is Joey a boy or girl name?

Joey can be used as both a girl’s name and a boy’s name.

What is a joey

A joey is a baby kangaroo or any other marsupial.

What is the female version of Joseph?

Josephine is the female version of Joseph.

National Joey Day Activities

  1. Host a party

    If you are named Joey host a party for yourself. You can also host one for all the Joeys you know.

  2. Watch “Dawson's Creek” or “Friends”

    Host a sitcom marathon. Binge-watch past episode's featuring two of the most popular T.V characters named Joey.

  3. Dress up as your favorite Joey

    Pick your favorite character or person with the name Joey or similar and dress up as them for the day. You can also influence your friends or family to do the same.

5 Interesting Facts About “Friends”

  1. “Friends” had several different title options

    Before settling on the name “Friends” the show had several working titles such as “Insomnia Café,” “Friends Like Us,” and “Six of One.”

  2. Monica and Joey

    Originally, Monica and Joey were meant to be love interests, but the audience's response to Monica and Chandler getting together was so overwhelming, that the show decided to change direction.

  3. Hank Azaria auditioned for Joey

    Hank Azaria auditioned for the role twice but eventually got the role as David.

  4. Everyone on 'Friends' earned the same

    Each of the main actors on the show was earning $1 million per episode.

  5. Filmed in front of a live audience

    The show was filmed in front of a live audience made up of 300 fans.

Why We Love National Joey Day

  1. It celebrates any and every name related to Joey

    Joe, Joseph, Josiah, Josephine, or Joanna, National Joey Day can be celebrated by you too! Wish a Joey well today!

  2. It makes Joey happy

    It is an honor to have a National Day just for you and your namesakes and we are sure that it brings all the Joeys much happiness. See what you can do on this day to bring a smile to their faces.

  3. We love celebrating

    We will take any reason to celebrate and have a party, and a day dedicated to someone's name is a great excuse to have fun. Go ahead, have some fun today!

National Joey Day dates

2024July 14Sunday
2025July 14Monday
2026July 14Tuesday
2027July 14Wednesday
2028July 14Friday

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